Hello, North Texas

Just a quick post here, as our first day near Dallas/Ft. Worth is full of errands so I should get going.


That top image is from the small town of Hico, where we spent one night on our way north from Austin. It’s a super charming town, with a revitalized main street and shopping meant for day trippers from Dallas.

We parked the truck and trailer, still hitched, in the city park and walked across the river into town, to a men’s outfitters with this beer garden beside it and six beer taps. Seriously, a men’s clothing store. Check out the new pointing on that old stone wall.

I was even more pleased to see a laundromat in town, so in the morning while Tracy went birding, I put a couple of loads in my laundry bag/backpack and walked in. I wonder how I look, walking through town with my laundry on my back, wearing my beat-up hiking clothes. I’m surprised the ladies running the clothing stores even let me in. And then, do their opinions of me change when Tracy pulls up so dramatically towing the Airstream? Here’s my ride; see ya, ladies!

Ray Roberts

So, the next day we rolled into Ray Roberts State Park, where we stayed a couple of years ago to visit my good friend Karen (the original of my three excellent Karens). She’s working today but we’ll see her this weekend.

Just like last time, we’re surrounded by deer here. Above, Tracy is online with Finn talking about some math principle, while a fawn and doe graze behind them, with five more close-by. I know, deer are everywhere and even a menace in some places, but it’s a thrill to have so many right around the trailer throughout the day. You can see how worked up Banjo gets.

We’re backed up to Ray Roberts Lake with a western view for sunsets. It’s going to be a chilly week here so we probably won’t kayak, but we’ll enjoy the views, inland and looking out.

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