Diagonal Bed Tiny House

There are a few delectable aspects to this Tiny House that make me glad I worked on it, but so many other parts were such a pain that I’m also glad I simply got it finished and found a home for it. (See below!)

One highlight is that two-story window and those curtains, and that pendant lamp! I love the look of that corner. Kind of ‘70s contemporary, right?

I was putting the plastic panels on the window frame sections and gluing it all to the floor late one night, and damned if I didn’t get it all in upside down. So I hung the curtains to accentuate the length of the panels and worked hard on getting the fabric to lay naturally so no one will notice any weirdness.

I created the pendant lamp by threading the light wires through a bit of plastic tubing that was curved when I got it, and I just couldn’t get it to straighten out fully. If you look at it from the right angle, you can’t tell. 🙂


I especially like this little room at the back of the first floor.

The “glass” door slides each way to allow access to the toilet or the shower.

I love the little bar of soap I made in a fancy dish, plus the rolls of toilet paper. I didn’t take a good photo of the shower, but there’s a towel rack, and a fixed shower head above as well as one on a flexible handle. Very modern!

Living Room

This is an open space with structure created by the bookcase that runs between the bathroom and the kitchen, plus the sectional sofa.

I could not find the little piece of wood to create one arm of the sofa, so I left that off beside the bookcase. You’d need that room to walk by, anyway, right?

The sofa in the instructions has plain blue pillows, but I like the flowered material which would have been wasted on an umbrella in the booklet—all those folds wouldn’t show the flowers. So, I made pillows with it, but I wish I’d cut the fabric differently so I could have made three.

Plus, you can lounge with your MacBook on the landing by the big window.

I don’t know what that little yellow and black bowl-like item is on the bookcase, but it looks like a roll of toilet paper to me.

Perhaps you’ll need it when you drink the wine in the cabinet at bottom right.


I would say this is entirely unremarkable …

Except for the cylinder of rubber that, when you slice it, looks just like strawberries. I used them liberally, along with cupcakes and pink Swiss rolls I had left from previous tiny houses.

And check out that lemonade pitcher: I cut slices of lemons and shoved them into the clear pitcher, along with tiny clear cubes as ice. It’s so hard to get a good shot of that!

I added a cut lemon slice to the side of a glass for garnish. So so tiny.

Because it’s rubber and doesn’t easily break, it’s fun to work with.


Okay, the fabric for the bed linens is super cute.

I created a fitted sheet and a flat sheet with satin, then added a small bit of lace around the base that doesn’t show well in the picture. Believe me, it’s lacy. The comforter is two swatches glued at the edges, then turned inside out to create a fluffy look.

What bothers me about this house the most is how the bed is situated. I mean, who wants to sleep on some architecturally unsound area hanging over your living room? With short glass walls?

The area above the steps isn’t used at all, either. I tried rearranging the furniture, but nothing fit well any way I had it, so I just moved the mirror a bit.

Where Jennifer Comes In

At this point I was frustrated making so many tiny details from thin sheets of paper that would fall apart when I glued them, plus impossible instructions, like differentiating “satchel boby a” from “satchel boby b,” figuring out what a “cambered surface” is, and screwing up the “cosematic bag.”

I was losing hope for caring enough to finish, exactly when I asked my new friend, Jennifer, whom I was about to meet in Tulsa, if she wanted a Tiny House. “Yes, please!” she said. That was the inspiration I needed to finish. So I hurried up and improvised with the rest of the upstairs.

There’s supposed to be a cosmetics bag (my guess) on the dresser, but I ran out of time for that, as well as for the mid-century modern wall clock that required me to cut 1-cm pieces of thin wire and glue tiny beads to the ends—for 20 points on the clock! The space above the dresser gets those cute owl paintings, instead.

An umbrella should hang with the purse on those tree hooks, but I could not figure out how to make the folds for it, so one cute purse is all this chick owns.

I think Jennifer likes the house, even with me having ditched the slippers (I never could figure out what material that required) and even with the bed hanging over the living room.

I mean, it’s tiny, it’s pretty, and the lights work! So I’m calling it a success.

Up next: a Tiny Book Village. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts to “Diagonal Bed Tiny House”

  1. I absolutely love my tiny house! I have looked at it multiple times since you gave it to me Tuesday evening. It really is amazing every piece of it is so intricate. To me it is near perfection. 💚

    1. I’m so glad! Although, as I tell everyone I give these to, please feel no obligation to keep it if it becomes clutter. Give it away or ditch it without a second thought. Glad you like it right now though 🙂

  2. I’m guessing the black and yellow thing is a candle? Also, the strawberry and lemon slices are adorable!

    1. A candle is a great idea – yes! And I have a whole little bag of those cylindrical rubber tubes that slice into fit items and flowers – I need to make something tiny and cute with them all.