Those Previous Photos Have Been One-Upped

I wrote my previous post from the Denali Highway this morning, and then the sun came out, and whammo—the Alaska Range opened up as if we hadn’t seen it at all.

It’s impossible for me to display the full range, because I keep zooming in on specific mountains and glaciers, then getting distracted by another mountain and zooming in there.

Doug and Melanie, and Carl and Brenda stopped by on their way down the Denali Highway, and they got distracted by the range, as well.

I mean, really.

After they left to try to make more headway down the road (they keep stopping to take pictures), I took even more myself, with mosquitos getting in my hair and driving me more off-kilter even than these views.

Here I’m trying to run back to the text, pursued by a plague of mosquitos, and I just have to snap a shot.

And this is my view as I create this post. Nothing I do captures the beauty of the Alaska Range.

9 thoughts to “Those Previous Photos Have Been One-Upped”

  1. And I used to buy postcards to supplement my photos everywhere I went. I never felt my pictures did places justice.

      1. That’s kind of you to say, but you wouldn’t say it if you were seeing in real life these views. I’m looking forward to posting a few from friends Doug and Carl who actually know what they’re doing with their cameras.

  2. I never gave it much thought, but now I must see Denali/the Alaska Range at some point. It looks like how I pictured heaven when I was a little kid!