Twin Peaks & Mt Baldy Hikes

Here in southeast Alaska, we did two hikes in a week with big elevation gains—about 1,200 feet each—which for us is whole lotta climbing. I took way too many photos that don’t do any of the scenes justice. I’m gonna show you anyway!

Elkutna Lake

This gorgeous lake is a popular spot for people from Anchorage to come and boat and play with their kids in the campground.

Hence, I was not the campground, as much as possible.

We went on the Twin Peaks hike with views down over the lake and across the valley.

It’s odd: when Tracy picks the hike and it turns out to be three miles not round trip but one way up the mountain, then three miles back down, I am dragging myself behind him, slightly favoring my wonky knee, wondering when we’re going to get there yet.

This was a long hike through the woods, looking out at Twin Peaks and Goat Peak.

This was my favorite spot, though, in the birch trees.

Eagle River

Just 20 minutes closer to Anchorage is the Eagle River Campground in Chugach State Park where we are right now, with ready access to Anchorage and a laundromat! The treat after laundry was the hike up Mt. Baldy.

The mountain looks out over the Knick Arm of Cook Inlet – that’s the wide swath of water at the horizon. Airplanes were flying below us, no joke.

My blog condenses photos so they open faster, and thus it screws with the color and resolution, but imagine that our hike had spots that look like Scotland. So so green for such vast distances.

This time I chose the hike, so although it was much steeper than I’d calculated, I was out front and Tracy was grumbling about the state of the trail behind me. Go figure.

It was beautiful to see the flat inlet at one end of the broad, green valley, with cloud-covered mountains at the other.

Can you see the snowy mountains in the distance? Good grief they are astounding to look up and see while hiking in the green tundra.

And then in the valley are tall willow shrubs and sundry green things taller than me. What a diverse landscape, all in one hike. No animals for this one, just the land and the sky.

9 thoughts to “Twin Peaks & Mt Baldy Hikes”

    1. When I was there, I had to remind myself that I was seeing mountains and not lofty white clouds!! They didn’t look real to this Blue Ridge Mountain girl.

      1. They rise up out of the flat land around them so drastically, as well. It’s a whole ‘nother breed of mountains!

  1. Sorry about that wonky knee but I’ve always loved a good hill. Also, I like how your rig has really taken on a very well traveled patina. Carry on…

    1. There is no way we are climbing like you’re climbing! Wanna come lug stream water to wash our rig with us? 🙂