Happy Funhouse of Light Thanksgiving

I was about to say that I should post on Thanksgiving if only to commemorate where we are, since I love looking back at anniversaries. There was our first Thanksgiving in the beautiful Everglades, the next one boondocking in windy Joshua Tree, then camping right in New Orleans (which feels like last week, not last year).

But, as I was looking at photos from the past few days here at Padre Island National Seashore, I realized I this place is just as interesting.

I can show you pictures from yesterday’s walk through the South Texas Botanical Garden, where the orchid conservatory was brill (my new favorite word).

That middle picture, below, looks like petals on a daisy, but each petal is actually an orchid. It’s not a great shot, but go ahead and click on it to expand because I think that’s a cool new feature.

I didn’t get a photo of the coolest thing: we saw a bobcat walking along the boardwalk with a big ol’ duck in its mouth. A bobcat! I’d never seen one. Tracy had his binoculars, and we both got a good look. Either it was small or the duck was huge; either way, a bobcat!

The seashore here is again, fabulous.

I keep getting cold from walking on the beach taking pictures, so I come in, then I have to run back out to take more pictures.

Can you see the sky reflected in the thin layer of water on the sand, lower right? So, the sun is setting behind me and is being reflected on the underside of the clouds in front of me, and then again on the water below them. It’s like walking in a fun house of light here.

Happy Funhouse of Light Thanksgiving!

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