Four Years of Landscapes

In the theme of my previous photo compilation posts on drinking our way across the continent and four years of critters, here are a few of my favorite photos (mostly landscapes) I’ve taken since we hit the road four years ago.

Disclaimer: I am far from being a skilled photographer, and most of these I simply snapped with my old iPhone SE.

Click on any shot to see it full screen.

Off the Mississippi River in Arkansas
This ewe surprised me when we exited a tunnel in South Dakota’s Custer State Park
Kluane National Park, Yukon, Canada
Tombstone Provincial Park, Yukon, Canada
Cow and calf from the above landscape
Momma and three cubs from the above landscape

Thanks for letting me share these with you!

3 thoughts to “Four Years of Landscapes”

  1. Beautiful photos. Even more beautiful memories. Awesome job and thanks for sharing all of these in a single post.