Easter with My Favorite Chickens

What are the ingredients for a perfect Easter Day?

Sunny warm weather in a blooming backyard
Joyful family and friends
Delicious meals cooked and shared outside
Silly Easter egg dying contest

And the magic ingredient:

Chickens in bonnets

Okay, let’s back up.

Tracy and I spent Easter weekend near Atlanta with my good friend Susan and her extended family. We were in Susan and Alex’s gorgeous backyard all weekend, enjoying the weather and eating her smoked chicken (and smoked pork belly, smoked cheese, smoked anything Susan can get in her smoker).

I especially enjoyed spending time with Susan’s children, whose sweet childhood personalities are still at their cores.

Fun with the Piochickskis

In Tracy and my desperation to bring an appropriate hostess gift, we chose something for their chickens, and that something was Easter bonnets.

Opal wearing a chic, black number

Turns out putting hats on chickens and then getting them to pose for photos ain’t all that easy.

Queenie demands a bigger runway

Then try getting them to pose in a tule Easter dress.

Elvis has left the building

Thanks, Susan and Alex—and all willing family and reluctant chickens—for sharing your holiday with us!

8 thoughts to “Easter with My Favorite Chickens”

  1. It’s hard enough getting tiny hats onto cats, and yes, I speak from experience. I can’t imagine trying to wrestle chickens!

    This does beg the question, though: do newly hatched chicks pose for shell-fies?