Three Days at the Center of the Universe

Years ago when Tracy and I were drinking beer at Center of the Universe Brewing just a little north of Richmond, I looked over at the RV park across the street and thought, “Wouldn’t that be cool to stay there!” And, here we are, not really by choice, but it was where we could get a last-minute week in my hometown to make up for our lost Covid week here a while back. And damned if it isn’t the most convenient place to meet people on our press junket, as Finn calls the Friends and Family Tour ‘24.

Our first night here, we walked over to the brewery to unwind, just the two of us.

Our second night here, we came over after a fun dinner with friends to continue a night of deep conversation.

(“Be more like Woody Guthrie” is my new motto, a takeaway from that evening when the brewery owner closed up and handed us plastic cups so we could stay out into the night.)

Night after, we met my cousin Lisa and shared the trio of cheeses she showed up with. What a brilliant gift!

And, okay, the Center of the Universe was not open when my old friend Amy came by, so we went elsewhere for our long catch-up lunch. And Tracy and I chose not to drag my Aunt Esther out here and instead took lunch to her. So, Center of the Universe does not solve all ills. Comes close, though.

We have a handful of people left to see, and then we’re getting the heck away from the Center of the Universe. Before we get sucked in for good.

(Check out the pool at our RV park! Just glad we haven’t been parked right next to that sucker.)

5 thoughts to “Three Days at the Center of the Universe”

  1. Family members bearing cheese are a wonderful thing. You have to love a brewery that gives you plastic drink ware and encourages you to stay after closing. The place is well named…

    1. Indeed! If you have to change your plans, I recommend including CotU in the new ones.

    1. Hey, at least I made sure there was no sound with this water video. I make no claim to the effects of the flashing lights.