Banjo Across the Country

I take Banjo for her morning walks, and I always try to grab a scenic shot of her to show where we are. It’s not easy to do (she hates posing), but turns out I’ve got a ton of these photos, spread across the United States and Canada. Here are my favorites. (I’m still fact-checking a few locations here.)

Somewhere in Ontario, Canada
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Near Red Lodge, Montana
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Writing-on-Stone, Alberta
Northern Rockies, British Columbia
Joshua Tree, California
Yoga on the beach, Caswell, North Carolina
Off Glacier Highway, Alaska
Badlands, South Dakota
Boca Chica, Texas
Dawson City, Yukon
Jackson Center, Ohio
Galveston State Park, Texas
Florence, Alabama
Along the Natchez Trace Parkway, Tennessee
Muncho Lake, Yukon
Tallahassee, Florida
Near Monterey Bay, California
Sunshine Key, Florida
Hecla Gull Harbor, Manitoba
Death Valley, California
Jasper, Alberta
Organ Pipe, Arizona
San Simeon, California
Fording the Mississippi (at its headwaters), Itasca, Missouri
Hecla Island, Manitoba
Along the Mississippi in Arkansas
Peace Island, British Columbia
New Orleans, Louisiana
Brownsville, Texas
Silver Bay, Minnesota
Readers’ favorite: Banjo Dreams on Mars

If you’re still with me, here’s a note regarding this website. I’ve realized recently that lots of my embedded links are broken, and lots of my portrait-shaped photos are distorted. Bummer. I will work on this. Banjo photos are my offering in the meantime.

9 thoughts to “Banjo Across the Country”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this post.
    Banjo is one well traveled, photogenic canine and now that I think about it, might deserve his own blog.

    1. Glad you like this! I have several posts like this here, probably as related posts below this one. Banjo is a star for sure.

  2. Pretty sure Banjo has seen more sights than the majority of people I know. What a lucky pup!

    I can vouch that your Badlands location is correct. 🙂

  3. I want the whole set. However, I’m a bit disappointed that Banjo on Mars didn’t make the cut.

    1. Man, I forgot that one! Truthfully, these are random photos I found when I searched my photos for “dog.” I will add the dreaming on Mars one for sure.

      I am guessing you’re joking about wanting the set, but I remember you asking for the mars one before, so maybe you do want these? I can make a shared history-res photo album online.

  4. I was being supportive of your photography which I like.
    I have yet to print and frame the Mars one. I’m blowing it up to 11×17, framing it and putting it in the kitchen which I hope to paint this year. The colors and composition are terrific and I also like how Banjo is almost part of the geology.