Guess What, Back to Houston

This is part of a personal/medical series (GDTRx), unrelated to travel.

Just a quick update here.

I didn’t get an appointment with the Mayo Clinic. I don’t know why I didn’t, because the denial code is in a letter that’s been mailed to our mailing service in Livingston, Texas. As in snail mailed. I won’t get that for a while.  

I can guess the reason, though: my medical records are a mess. And why would that be? Possibly because medical staff in South Texas made so many mistakes with my chart last winter, eleven that I saw.  Like, oh, name spelled wrong, birthdate wrong, wrong lab run on blood work, wrong instructions given for saliva test. Heck, wrong test entirely that took all morning while hooked up to an IV.  And that’s just what I caught.  

You can’t exactly attach a note to your records saying, “Ignore these because I [with zero medical training] think they’re wrong.” 

So, Mayo is out. So is Richmond (that doctor will take too long). Instead, I’ve gotten an appointment with the doctor my primary guy recommends in Houston in July. Not an ideal way to spend one’s summer, but at least it’s an appointment. (Yes, we were in Houston last fall on the way to Brownsville, we drove back up to Houston three times in the winter for my ACL surgery, and here we go again.)

We have a month to get down there, but finding places to stay there and on the way is tricky, especially over July 4. So much is booked up, which leaves spots like where we are now: no ac in 90-degree temps. We found a site in the shade this time, but that means no sun to our solar panels, which means we have to conserve how much we run our ceiling fans. It’s a dance to keep the trailer cool.

Shade also means no sky view for our starlink, so no WiFi. Hence the photo-less post here to conserve data use.  Except for up top—that’s my beloved Aunt Esther (Nester) spending quality time with Banjo earlier this week. Banjo loves when someone pets get gently.

Okay, that’s it from me until we get WiFi again. I’m relieved we finally have a plan, even if it’s not what I was hoping for.

addendum: I went to a couple of walk-in clinics in the Rio Grande Valley, and they’re understaffed and swamped with folks who have no insurance and no set work hours. They seemed simply to be trying to provide care to everyone.

8 thoughts to “Guess What, Back to Houston”

  1. Yikes. No good news there… so sorry the Mayo didn’t come though. And boo to screwed up medical records. Seems unfair they penalize you for that, it’s not like you wrote them.
    Glad to see Banjo isn’t suffering.
    Hope you can stay cool.

    1. I wouldn’t say penalized, but they get more requests for appointments than they can handle, and I’ll guessing my records just don’t point clearly to them being the folks who can help. Who knows. Maybe I did my application wrong – maybe it is me! Thanks for the cooling wishes.

  2. Guess I was hoping you’d find a doc somewhere here and we’d see you again. Our conversations with friends around the country have us feeling grateful to be in the mid-Atlantic for the great medical care we can get here. Good luck with all this. So much more complicated to go through this when you have to bring your house with you everywhere. Will try and call sometime soon.

  3. Shelly, I’m so very sorry that you are having all these issues!!!! Hoping you get cooler weather and speedy appointments!!

  4. Sorry you won’t be passing through the upper midwest, and that you didn’t get the Mayo appointment. Good luck in Houston!