Dipping into a Different RV Lifestyle

We’re at a gorgeous Airstream-only campground (not the one we usually go to, although that’s up soon). This one’s near Roanoke, Virginia, up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so the elevation has cured our heat-dome woes for a bit.

What an abrupt change in lifestyle for us! It’s not like we’ve come here from months of boondocking, but for the last two weeks we’ve been without much electric, cell, Wi-Fi, water, sewer, the whole nine yards, and suddenly we have them all in spades. It actually takes me a day or two to remember what I should and should not turn on, wash up, flush out.

Not only do we have ac and cool weather, but the site we’re on has a free-standing deck built in the woods right behind the trailer, so we can sit among the trees during the heat of the day, then join the campground in the nightly ritual of worshipping the sunset. The Blue Ridge Mountains here are several shades of purple with the sunlight behind them. (I’ll try to get better pics with my real camera.)

The culture here (from an outsider’s quick view) is pretty interesting. Some folks spend all summer in their Airstream up on this mountaintop, and some visit here from home or the road, on and off. They own shares in the park and take care of the acreage and clubhouse communally. I’ve done yoga and Pilates each morning with friendly folks, sat around one Airstream or another for happy hour looking out at the mountains each afternoon, and watched a movie projected on a sheet hanging behind an Airstream one night.

It’s a little weird to be parked right up next to so many Airstreams. The one right beside us is exactly like ours: a 28-ft rear bed International series model (there aren’t a lot out there, so I keep doing a double-take). It’s true we have to work to figure out where to pull in after a day out. Is this ours? That one? And the joke is rampant at happy hour: “Where are you guys?” “We’re in the Airstream!”

Socializing with friendly people who all know each other—it’s just as much of an adjustment as having electricity. I got out on the trails one afternoon to a little waterfall in the woods, just to get away.

Bare feet in running water.

Stopping to admire moss and rock.

Gaining some balance by spending time by myself. It’s weird to think I’d want that after being downright lonely so much of the time, but I guess happiness is all about balance. And right now I’m happy to be balancing some ac and chit chat with walking in the woods.

7 thoughts to “Dipping into a Different RV Lifestyle”

  1. Wow! You know the RV lifestyle isn’t for me… but pulling into that gorgeous area could change my mind (temporarily).
    And Banjo seems content, isn’t that all that really matters?

  2. Are you a fan of Fleet Foxes? Their song “Blue Ridge Mountains” is my absolute favorite. Which has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that there you are, smack dab in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    1. I do know the Fleet Foxes, although not the songs by name. It’ll take a listen and think of this place, for sure.

  3. Looks like you are in a very beautiful place. I like the sunset picture. Isn’t it great to have our home with us? We can be anywhere we want…with people, by self, full hook ups, boondocking, and the amazing variety of landscapes to enjoy.