Are We Going to Work from the Road?

Hell, no.

Retirement means spending all morning sitting under the awning of your Airstream in jammies, drinking tea and listening to the birds.

It means going on a hike that afternoon and not checking the time other than by watching the sun as it lowers.

It means picking up and leaving the campsite whenever you feel like it—once you’ve explored that area with the bike, the kayak, your legs, your tastebuds—whatever—and you’re hankering to see what the next place will be like. It does not mean having easy-going work floating around your to-do list. (I should say: having a to-do list.)

Yeah, I know people who work as camp hosts to help pay for their life on the road, or they’re docents, or tour guides, or they maintain freelance jobs when they can get decent cell signal or the rare wifi.

Let me repeat.  Hell, no, we’re not working from the road, I’m done. Tracy’s done. End of story.

Here’s a photo of us not working while camping.

PS: If we can fit a full bar inside the Frolic, we can do so in the Airstream, although I’m a little wary of storage; I’m thinking the 16-ft Frolic has more cupboards than the 28-ft Airstream.

Here’s my solution.

This hanging bar is available in a darker wood, which I can’t find an image for, but it would look stellar in the Airstream. We’d put the bottles and glasses in koozies to keep them from clanking together while we’re traveling. Brill.

Now to find a wall to hang it on, which may be a deal-breaker.

Near the Dinette

This is a picture of our Airstream still at the dealer; I haven’t been able to get there again to experiment. But maybe I could move the TV up and install the bar below? Would whoever is sitting in that seat hit her head on the bar’s edge?

In the Galley

To the right is a crappy photo of the spice storage in our kitchen. If we end up not using it (what a weird little storage space!), we could mount the bar in its spot.

But look how cute it can be used (at right is someone else’s kitchen with little bitty plants), and they manage to get spice jars in there. Although they look like they’d fall out while we’re driving.

To be determined.

In the Bedroom

I took this picture while sitting on the bed. It’s of the only wall in the whole place with nothing mounted on or in it.

But … probably not a good space for this coveted bar, because:

a) This is the only spot we can think to hang my ukulele and Tracy’s guitar.
B) Do we really want a bar in the bedroom?

Is there no room in the inn for a bar?

Notice that my train of thought went from working, to retirement, to an examination of how and where we can put a bar in the Airstream. Here’s another piece of evidence that we will not be working from the road.

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