Preliminary Travel Plans

Our plan is to head west: on the fabled open roads, to the sweeping vistas, and, importantly, to free camping off the grid on BLM land and other RV-insider boondocking spots. But, first we need to take care of full-time living housekeeping.

Early Spring: Texas

I mentioned in a previous post that we’re establishing residency in Texas. So that will be our first destination, maybe even before we sell the house in May—if we can get away long enough to tow the Airstream there, do our business, and tow it back before we’re needed for the house.

Late Spring: Maryland and Virginia

Oh Jiminy Crickets this house sale better go smoothly! Let’s assume the house is ready to sell in May, sells right away, and we can close later that month.

If we have time to kill while waiting on paperwork or last-minute closing-related tasks, a plan is to head to Richmond, our favorite quickie getaway.

There’s a campground literally across the street from a great brewery, Center of the Universe, and you betcha we want to make that our home base while we visit friends and family in Richmond.

Buddies and best damn band ever, Tin Can Fish Band, playing at COTU

In the picture at left you can see RVs parked across from COTU patio. Primo.

A few of the many peeps in Richmond we hope to see:

Summer in the Midwest

After the house sells and we’re ready to spend our first summer in the Airstream where the weather’s cool, we’re heading to the midwest for a tour of different family and friends.

Stops will include:

Family and friends in beautiful Wisconsin (Doug, this better be you).

The birthplace of James T. Kirk in Iowa. (I’m not kidding—look it up.)

And, of course,

Iowa, with Tracy’s best friend (among many other friends), and an all-enjoyable series of visits to his wife’s brewery and tasting room, Deb’s Brewtopia.

Deb’s Brewtopia. We may stay all summer.

Winter in Florida

This will be our pattern (and everyone’s who travels fulltime): as the cooler weather begins, travelers head south. We’re hoping to go to the Keys as our central winter spot, but that involves well-planned reservations and $$$, so we’ll see.

Plus maybe we’ll visit Tracy’s sister and spots along the Gulf Coast.

Spring: Finn’s Graduation

Now this is the destination all the stops have been planned around. In May 2021 Finn graduates from Willian & Mary, and we will be there. Spring in Williamsburg is gorgeous. Time for family and celebration.

Then … THE WEST.

3 thoughts to “Preliminary Travel Plans”

  1. You’d better come see me when you’re in Wisconsin!

    Also, Laura and I are eyeing Deb’s Brewtopia as a potential weekend trip destination.

    1. Oh oh! You will love it there. If you decide to go, please let me know, and maybe I can help you stay in the little AirBnB right across the street. Elkader is a cool little town, and Deb’s is basically the grooviest brewery and tasting room on the planet.