Winter Hike and Indoor Yoga

I’m sitting here in the Airstream on this cold rainy day, writing because I have plenty of time, and I’m guessing some of you do, too. So maybe you’ll enjoy this now, whereas regularly you’d be like, “Shelly sure does post a lot!” I’m guessing I won’t post so often once we’re on the road and life goes to whatever the new normal will be for the world. 

Central Virginia Hike

We’ve gotten so used to living near cities that we were a bit surprised not to find lots of hiking trails around us. Then, duh, I remembered that folks who live out in the country spend plenty of time outside; they don’t need no stinkin’ hiking trails.

We did find a county park with a trail head that wasn’t overrun with desperate families and dogs (Banjo isn’t keen on stranger dogs—her way of social distancing) and enjoyed the walk.

I especially felt joy in seeing so much of what I love in central Virginia woods, what I grew up with. I think I saw everything that my friend Molly has tattooed on me that’s in season right now: running cedar, winter wheat (what I’ve always called it; I’m sure that’s not its name), lots of moss, and even the first fiddleheads.

Banjo enjoyed herself quite a bit, but as usual she got tired near the end. She would make a terrible Iditarod dog.

Indoor Yoga

Way back when Tracy was showing me Airstreams for the first time, I would carry my yoga mat with me to see which models would accommodate my then-daily habit. Since boxing I’ve dropped off with the yoga, but I’m determined now to begin again.

So yes, I can do yoga in the Firefly. It’s tricky, and I have to sequester Banjo and Tracy to the sofa or the bed. Neither complains though.

And I have a skylight to help me reach for the sky. I love that.

Okay, you guys stay healthy and take care of each other (from a distance)!