Learning to Live in the Firefly during Downtime

Of course we’re not doing any of the things we’d planned on doing in Virginia for this stay: hanging out with friends and family, going to the kazillion breweries we like here, hearing local bands.

We are, though, getting time to figure things out in the Airstream.


Yesterday we:

New boots have been ordered.
  • Opened the awning for the first time, so that gave us a spot to deal with boots and muddy dog paws out of the rain.
  • Worked out under that awning (okay, that was only me).
  • Entered the kazillion maintenance tasks for the Airstream into my calendar on repeat (gotta feed my organizing fix now that I’m no longer working).
  • Figured out how to use Tracy’s cell signal to stream YouTube and Netflix (actually, any streaming app on his phone) to his computer. Tracy figured this out; it’s possible only because he’s running Linux on his laptop and using an Android.
  • Learned what happens when you run the heat pump (uses a lot of electricity) at the same time as the Instant Pot (ditto): the fancy breaker we brought and use between us and the campground’s electric outlet switches off, and then it stays off long enough for you to entirely panic that you BROKE THE AIRSTREAM, and then it turns back on.

More Instant Pot Drama

(You know you’re retired and sequestered when you write that.)

Lesson learned: Heed the Do Not Fill Above This Line line, especially when making steel-cut oatmeal, as it will bubble out of the steam vent, making a huge mess everywhere and clogging the vent simultaneously. I have no idea how both happened.

I do know that I made the mess; Tracy used q-tips to unclog the vent; I then tried to clean sticky oatmeal and honey and cinnamon out of all the nooks of our tiny kitchen area. I now know the kitchen well.

Gratuitous Photos

Banjo is not needing any time to get used to being on the sofa.

You guys spend time outside and take care of yourselves.

6 thoughts to “Learning to Live in the Firefly during Downtime”

  1. Banjo no longer has to act like she’s not REALLY leaning back onto the sofa hoping no one will notice!

    1. No more pretending for Banj. She has been oddly less vocal here though … we’re hoping she’ll snap out of this and start yowling away again soon.

  2. The pictures of Banjo make me cry…in a good way. “Laughing and crying, you know it’s the same release?” joni

    1. Okay then! Yeah, having Banjo is going to keep us from doing a few things, but we can’t imagine being without her.