Eagle’s Nest Island

I’m one of those pitiable people who grew up when bald eagles were endangered and never saw them. I was in my 40s when I’d occasionally see one over the Potomac River in West Virginia or over Lake Anna in central Virginia, and I’d have a spaz attack. 

Now that I’m where they’re plentiful (Perch Lake, Michigan) I still do! And when I heard that the eagle that hunts above the boat ramp here has a nest on the tiny island directly across from our campsite, of course I had to check it out. 

The island is just a big, beautiful rock with enough trees to make it look like a tiny paradise. Tracy and I circled it on the kayaks and found the nest by the squawking of the eagle in it, and then he paddled off to explore the lake’s coastline while I sat there in my kayak and worshipped the eagle. 

It’s a juvenile, and it perches above the nest calling for a parent to come feed it. “Bring me fish! Bring me fish!” 

Who knows what fit I’ll have if I see the parent come and actually feed it and then fly with it around the lake, as a neighbor says happens.  

You can bet I’ll write an uneventful post about it!