The Mosquito Hike

You know things are quiet around here when I follow a post about seeing a bird’s nest with one about taking a three-mile speed walk around a wetland.  

But it gives me an excuse to provide your weekly mushroom slideshow! 

We booked it around this loop, skimming the interpretive signs and keeping Banjo on track because of the ever-ominous thunderstorm booming around us, plus the swarm of ravenous mosquitos trailing us. 

When I used to ride in the woods as a kid, I’d tuck a small, wobbly branch in the pony’s headband.  The rustle of the leaves would keep flies away at least a little. 

So yesterday as we practically ran around the trail, I carried a big branch and flailed it at my neck, shoulders, arms, back. Sometimes my legs. 

Never go hiking in the north woods wearing a skirt. (And if you decide to take a picture, bend your knees when you lean over.)

As usual around here, we saw lots of loud, taunting squirrels and little else. Of course that could have been due to my flailing about.

4 thoughts to “The Mosquito Hike”

  1. I always have a bandana with me on an outing. When insects attack ( rare in my part of the world) I tie one end of the bandana to a short stick and use this as a sort of “horse tail like fly swatter”. Mosquitoes rarely bother me though. I believe it’s because I was bitten so many times as a child growing up in northern Maine that now they take pity on me and leave me alone.