Goodbye Perch Lake + Planning

We’re leaving this gorgeous lake today and headed for our final northern camping spot in Hancock, MI, before big plans. Here are a few final photos.

Banjo’s Morning Repose

One cold morning she dug this hole to hunker down and wait for the sun to reflect off the lake.

Finally, sunshine. I think she’s part cat.

Scenes from the Woods

We rode down the dirt road father away from the lake and discovered hunting cabins: the other outdoor sport around here.

While peddling our pawn-shop bikes and wearing our remaining clean(ish) clothes (so, looking quite out of place), we passed a dozen ramshackle cabins off in the woods with signs nailed to trees declaring them hunting clubs.

I was passed by two trucks with hunting dogs sticking their heads out their crates in the truck bed, so close I thought one would bite me.

Then a formidable-looking woman in camo passed me, turning her ATV off into the woods. She seemed an entirely different breed from the trail-riding, flag-displaying, convoy-making ATVers we’ve seen so far. She seemed like the real deal.

Sunrises and sets

I’ll never get enough of these shots.


Nothing spectacular, but it felt good to be off the lake in the quiet of the little tributary.


We’re headed today to that campground in Hancock that will let us:

  • enjoy the last bit of the northern woods and Lake Superior for this summer, and
  • run errands and do “housekeeping” before we hit the road for our first on-a-timeline roadtrip.

The plan is to spend September traveling down to Texas, so this week before we’ll attend to all maintenance, plus laundry, supplies, maps, etc. So, we’re planning a productive week in Hancock.

I’ll update from there 🙂