What Is This?

This, my friends, is an empty beach.

It’s the beach at the entrance to Sebastian Inlet State Park.

This is my view of the beach when I look south. See anybody? No!

This also is a beach, albeit a very small one. It’s one of several at the boat-launch end of the state park. This beach is also empty.

This beach has people on it. But they’re older people watching dolphins and sea turtles and not infringing on my ability to enjoy the beach at all. So, I approve.

This is also a person I approve of near the beach. Notice the coconut in his bike basket? And the thundercloud above the inlet? All positive attributes to the beach.

And yes, this, too, is the beach. Sebastian Inlet State Park does have a playground, a boat launch, a campground, and a fish-cleaning station, but it’s all on a natural, thin strip of land between the Indian River and the Atlantic, and it’s gorgeous. This little tip is at the north end of the strip of land.

And you know what: when I rode my bike out there at 5:00 pm today, this beach was empty, too.

This is not the beach, but it is our campsite within a short walk from the beach. It’s sandy and hot and stalked by raccoons and no-see-ums and the electricity blinks off frequently, but did I mention? A short walk to the beach! Where there’s no one else. Which is a balm for the soul.

6 thoughts to “What Is This?”

  1. This my dear is why I love the beaches in the area. The public beach we go to, which is just south of you is never ever crowded. It is peaceful and wonderful. Enjoy your stay in this little slice of heaven.

    1. I was thinking your reply to something on Instagram was for a different location, but now this makes sense. It is so lovely, and I do see what you love it!

  2. Wow! Been there! My folks lived in Barefoot Bay, across the inland waterway and a bit north. We’d take the kids to Sebastian Inlet when we visited. Enjoy!

  3. It looks gorgeous and idyllic! And there’s obviously coconut palms too which is exciting! But I have to quibble with your second photo because I can see people, at least 3 of them, way in the distance 😁

    1. Hey, I was looking with my unassisted eyes, not zooming in to a picture. My observation stands! 😉 We’ve been enjoying the random coconut we find, although we left one our on the picnic table yesterday that Tracy had cut open, and a raccoon absconded with it. The jerk.