When the Wow Is Ho Hum

Just about this time a couple of years ago, Tracy and I were sitting in his living room in Maryland, watching the YouTube channel of Airstreamers we liked to watch. They were pulling into this exact Florida state park we’re in now (Tomoka, north of Daytona). 

On the TV, as this couple backed their trailer into their site, I remember feeling distinctly overwhelmed by the green palm trees and the lush forest right at their fingertips. On my side of the screen, I was at the tail end of a long cold winter. “OMG we have to go do that right now!” I’m sure I squealed at Tracy. 

And here we are.  

Just for a few days, though, ironically at this very spot, my emotions seem to be taking a break from all desire to squee.  

Yes, our campsite is mighty fine. Banjo can lie in the sun, and we’ve had the fire pit in the tent in the evenings while we play cards. 

For just right now though, the hiking trails look pretty much like the other trails we’ve been on in Florida. The views of the river we’re near: they’re nice.  But the constant sand in the trailer is getting old. The running, yelling kids are getting old. And Florida Man without his shirt and a few teeth, letting his dog dash up and down the campground lane off leash, that’s getting real old.

I’m finding myself putzing around inside the trailer in the broad daylight! That never leads to anything good. (I end up rearranging things in bins, then not being able to find them again.)

I’m certain these doldrums will pass. I’m sad for my friend who just died. I’m unable to stop reading bad news in the papers.  I’m feeling the weight of a year of disjointed texting with my son (all my fault). I’m anxious for us all to be vaccinated.

Plus the usual: allergies, insomnia, fat. The trifecta of my physical enemies have followed me here and joined forces.  Oh yeah, itchy ankles is the evil sidekick who does much more damage than he gets credit for.  Bastard.  

So, I’m thinking of you folks who have endured a cold winter, either lonely, or overwhelmed with work or children or both, or somehow all three. I’ve had the enormous pleasure of travel this year, but for a brief bit I’m accepting that wonder is feeling more like eh, even here.

Stay tuned though. Never has my enthusiasm let itchy ankles take it to the mat.

Well, I’m not sure what that saying means, and I’m mixing something other than metaphors.  But do stay tuned: I’ll have actual decent photos of where we are plus a story or two up next, I’m sure of it.  

As proof, here’s a picture of Tracy having caught his first fish with his Florida fishing license.

He caught four, actually, all in one afternoon of surf fishing while I rotated myself on a blanket on the sand and got sunburned. He threw one back, and we ate two the next day in a Costco parking lot after we pulled over for lunch on a travel day. It was extra delicious.

You guys keep taking care now.

7 thoughts to “When the Wow Is Ho Hum”

  1. Damn itchy ankles. I’m sorry about the loss of your friend, and your doldrums. I think that loss, along with grief, reminds us of our own mortality and it can really suck. What kind of fish is Tracey holding? I know some freshwater fish but am pretty clueless about the saltwater varieties.

    1. Thanks, Tom. Tracy’s got something called a Blue Runner, which isn’t the most glorified fish to catch, but we ate it happily. He also caught a lady fish and a gaff topsail catfish. He caught the weird ones :).

    2. I’m clueless about saltwater as well. Fortunately someone came by and identified it for me. I was just waiting for the game warden to stroll by and tell me I misidentified it and it’s really the endangered Unicorn Jack. Digging this surf fishing. It’s just like the catfishing we used to do. Throw out your line then sit back and have a beer.

  2. I wonder if living in “paradise” everyday becomes boring? I long for warmth, sun, surf, sand, fresh seafood and all the rest. Flip flops! I miss my flip flops. But if I had them everyday would I miss the cool breezes we get in late September or the feel of my down coat? I don’t know but I would like to find out.

    1. You are going to find out, you beach-planner you. 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the warm weather, but I’m looking forward to a different landscape and culture. Heading north in two weeks!

  3. It must be twice as hard to feel blah in a tropical paradise than in dreary cold winter. But feeling down sometimes is just part of life and you aren’t exempt just because you’re foot loose and fancy free! The important thing is that you recognise it, and why you feel like that and know that it’ll pass and since you obviously do just let yourself feel the feels and then move on. XO