Family Therapy, Retail Therapy, Storms!

We came to this state park (Gold Head Branch) as our final stop in Florida to visit with Tracy’s sister; that’s pretty much how we began this five-month run in Florida back in November (pic from that wonderful visit, below).

The Family

Damned if Darci isn’t still working way too much, though, so today instead of hanging out in the sunshine (which there was none), we shared takeout by her screened-in pool, and, while she worked, Tracy and I opened our special haul of goods we’d had shipped to her, plus mooched off of her WiFi.

The Retail

This order is part of a slightly new organization of the truck and trailer. With being fully vaccinated on the horizon, we can now restock and repack. Because we haven’t been going into stores, we’ve kept so many items we started out with just in case we’d need them (who knows). But now we can give away some of those and make room for things we can use now.

I’ll post about all that later. Suffice it to say that, tonight at Darci’s, Tracy finally got to ditch his two broken, pain-in-the-ass lawn chairs in favor of an awesome new one.

Believe me, when the outdoors is as much your home as is your little trailer, your chair out there is important.

The Insomnia Weapon

Among the important reorganizing doodads and tools that arrived is my new insomnia strategy. Don’t laugh, now.

I bought a miniature model house kit.

This picture is from the advertisement where it’s all assembled. My task in the Deep Dark Night will be to cut, glue, wire, stuff, and overall create this sucker.

There are are 500 million small pieces, plus a book of instructions written in Pigeon Pluto.

Did I mention how small it is?

Time will tell how this project goes. the kit that arrived is actually a bigger, more complex model than the one I ordered, but I can’t send it back and reorder a new one easily, so I’ll just try this one. I haven’t been able to get past the first step of bringing the kit into the trailer though, because:

The Storm

After our too-short dinner with Darci, a huge thunderstorm hit. And we’d left all the windows open in the Airstream back at the campsite, an hour away. Trouble is, when the floor gets wet under appliances in that sucker, you’re in trouble.

So we drove an hour through heavy rain in dread of what we’d find; I was counting what towels I could get my hands on quickly. But, thanks to Airstream’s brilliant design, it was pretty dry inside! So we left the loot in the truck and tucked ourselves into bed.

Tomorrow, let the retail therapy begin, plus, later this week, more time with Darci before we leave.

2 thoughts to “Family Therapy, Retail Therapy, Storms!”

  1. Glad you were spared in indoor flood! House model looks awesome – a kind of puzzle, and right up my alley! If I could think of what to do with it when finished, I’d get one of my own.

    1. Renee, I am loving this model house – I think you’d enjoy it, too. Last night I created the kitchen sink out of several materials – took me about two hours. Very rewarding. And I’m going to have to leave mine at Goodwill or some odd place like that when I’m done because I have no room for it at all. If you decide to try one, I received tips from a friend who makes them, and they’re really helpful.