Impossible Tiny House Finished!

This one was torture. The detail work was so small and fiddly that I didn’t want to work on it late at night when I couldn’t sleep, and that was the whole point of it.

I got it done though, and I’m hoping no one but me can see the mistakes and all the details I left out.  (And I forgot to take a photo of the backside.)

What I do love is the pool, made from a box of blue paper with a wavy piece of plastic on top. The ladder is tiny bits of wire. 

I love the slippers in each bedroom. I love the leather-upholstered master bed frame and the leather sofa.  

I love the tiny record player with a needle I made from the rubber of part of a cookie.  I love the house plants with long arms and leaves I cut from paper and carefully bent. 

I’m proud of the way the sheets and blankets lay on the bunk beds. The fact that the rocking sheep (who has a rocking sheep?) looks like it should.

How the shower stall has tiny silver edging around every pane.

The spiral staircase is a miracle.  (Forgot to take a picture!)

I have to admit I rushed through the last two sessions of work on it because I wanted to finish by the time Tracy’s aunt, uncle, and cousin visited us in northern Wisconsin so I could ask them to take it and find someone who might want it. Otherwise I’d end up leaving it behind a Goodwill, which would be kind of sad. (Not that it might not have found a good home through Goodwill, but probably I would have had to leave it in a pile and it would have gotten rained on then trashed. So I rushed there at the end.

I didn’t even get to get the wiring to work right (it’s behind the potting shelves on the right.)

Thank you Kathie and Angela for taking the tiny house and finding someone to give it to!  If the little girl you mentioned wants it, let me know? And Kathy, I hope you find your own tiny house kit to work on. Just spreading the obsession here. 🙂

7 thoughts to “Impossible Tiny House Finished!”

    1. I picked up a new kit at an Amazon locker in North Dakota yesterday. 🙂 Looks to be pretty detailed. I’ll keep posting about this if you’re interested!

  1. Rocking sheep are quite big here (understandably), but I think they’re a thing everywhere these days. Such a cute little house!

    1. I hadn’t thought of that! All we have are riding horses, so I assumed you made them only out of animals that babies would want to ride. Do babies get set on top of sheep there in NZ?