Calm Days, Dramatic Skies

Yes, we’re still at Imperial Dam LTVA, where not much is happening. It’s so quiet here, in fact, that this morning when the weather was warm and the wind mild, I totally forgot to go to yoga. The mind stretches out across these views, and you lose track of everything.

We’re waiting here as we keep an eye on covid rates across the area. We’d like to go down the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico to see if that’s where we could plan to spend next winter, but we’d rather go after this variant peaks, if we can wait that long.

So here we sit and wander and look out at the sky.

The sky, man. Or as Phish says, “Boy. Man! God. Shit.”

The drama lasts for about three minutes each night, but it’s a jam-packed three minutes.

The photo above is what the sky was doing across from its reflection on the Airstream in the very top photo. Below is a quick panoramic video I took to show the horizon all around us at that time, with that blood-red cloud at the end.

Dawn can also be spectacular, with a bit more blue as the sun rises behind clouds.

Banjo’s on the lookout for burro pre-sunrise, here.

If I can’t get her to pose in the dawn light, at least I can capture our shadows.

I grabbed this shot one evening while riding my bike back from taking the trash to the dumpster. I’ve got my eyes on the sky all the time.

I would guess this is a bit of rainbow; there was no sign of it where you’d expect it to continue.

I’ll take this bit though, and let my mind wander and forget to do yoga, as long as I remember to look up for those dramatic three minutes each night.

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    1. Oh yeah! I knew that 😉 I saw one in Pennsylvania once that was more dramatic. So cool. Thanks for the link.