Matt’s Towel Tiny House Finished

Yay! This is the kit I received with missing parts, so I substituted items from my leftover stash. Of course, after I finished it, I was able to negotiate with Amazon for them to send me a new kit, but I enjoyed winging it more than expected. I think from now on I might stray from the stated design and make these more customized to my whims.

One item that arrived at the last minute that I could not wing is the toilet. Kind of have to have that in a house.

Since I last posted, I finished the bedroom, which I like quite a lot. Check out that mini ukulele! I was able to make a second one from the replacement kit Amazon sent (kind of—part was salvage—these are never simple) and I gave it to my neighbor Tyll for being such a good sport with his van tour.

What do you think those rolled up pieces of material should be? Yoga mats? Foam rollers? I’ll leave it up to the little girl who will receive this to decide.

Now here was a tricky decision. I mentioned in my last update on this house that the light inside the pool needs to be diffused with an item on top of it, but I don’t like the life preserver sent with the kit. I mean, the pool looks to be about two feet deep, so who needs to be reminded you can drown in that?

I like the idea of a tray with a drink on it, so I made that from extras and initially added a cup of tea with a lemon wedge. But then I got to thinking, who wants to drink tea in the pool? So I made a martini glass, instead. I didn’t have anything to use as a green olive, so my martini drinker likes pearl onions. (It’s hard to see in this photo, but the martini glass is pearlescent.)

The little girl who is getting this probably would rather have the tea cup, so I’ll set that aside and give it to her grandmother, another neighbor here (and fellow yoga friend).

I’m happy with this little house, even though it’s smaller than my recent regular houses and less complicated than the tiny tiny ones I just made. In other words, it didn’t take me much time to make. But it’s pleasing to look at, and I hope the recipient enjoys it.

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