The Whale Tail Arrives at Its Tiny House

This is such a strange house: I’m announcing that level 2.a is finished. That’s not what it’s called in the directions (who knows what is intended), but here we go so far. See this post for level 1.

Living Room

Lots of glass, seashells and leather. With tropical wallpaper. Is this what Tuscany is like? Something tells me, No. Still, it’s fun.

When I first saw that little globe, I so wanted it to be a snow globe. I think it’s supposed to be a terrarium, maybe? Next time, I’ll figure out how to make my own snow globe.

Open Air Studio

Here we go. Is that tail with the stray scales a prop for the artist? Scales … so not a whale at all, huh.

I loved making the tiny paintbrush. I carefully pulled loose several threads from an extra scrap pf material and glued them inside a long bead.

Two Floors So Far

This looks kind of silly without any landscaping or indeed the platform of beach and ocean it will sit on. The feel of it is emerging, though.

Seeing as how I’m stuck in the bedroom sick for at least another couple of days, stayed tuned real soon for another segment.

3 thoughts to “The Whale Tail Arrives at Its Tiny House”

  1. I’m glad you have the energy for a project. And I love that you went to the trouble of making a paintbrush!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I’ve started work on this for maybe an hour a day. There’s only so much zombie imitation I can do!