Our Second-year Nomadiversary

Yep, two years ago today, we left Tracy’s house and took off in the Airstream. What a shocking and terrible and adventure-filled, wonderful year that was. On that anniversary, for my own amusement I compiled one photo per month in this post: first-year nomadiversary.

The next year included a homecoming reunion with everyone we miss, and then we finally headed west, then southwest. I find I have so many pictures that I’ve created a short slideshow for each month. I am astounded to see the variety of places we’ve been.

March 2021

March was all about moving north through Florida state parks, live oaks, manatees, visiting old friends at their beach houses, and running into new friends unexpectedly.

April 2021

Thus began the Friends and Family Tour officially! From central Florida through Georgia through the Carolinas, friends were the highlights, but the Southeast beauty also surprised us.

May 2021

The peak of Friends and Family Tour in Virginia and Maryland. All the feels.

June 2021

After friends and family, we headed west for the first time in earnest. Got the Airstream lifted in Ohio. Hung out with Iowa peeps, saw Finn at his new school in Michigan. Midwest, check!

July 2021

Westward across Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana, hurrying to get up in the mountains because of the heat.

August 2021

Boondocking in northern Montana, I love you. Missoula, too.

September 2021

OMG. Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, surprising Idaho. Craters of the Moon.

October 2021

Herein begins our desert adventure. Utah to Nevada to southern California.

November 2021

California meant Death Valley, outside San Diego, and near Barstow.

December 2021

Welcome to Christmas on Mars (aka Imperial Dam LTVA).

January 2022

Mars, with friends!

February 2022

Escape from Mars (with good memories) to Arizona: Organ Pipe Cactus NM, Ajo.

And here we are in March 2022, back in Southern California, but instead of hitting the mountainous hiking spots, we’re heading up the coast to hit the beach as often as possible. This third year is planned out week by week with reservations, but surprises will pop up between all the plans. I sure hope so, and I hope they include as many smiling faces as we found in year two on the road.