The Perfect Campground Stay at Jasper

We’ve had two great-weather days hanging out with my friend Jess and her daughter Nicole, who are camped beside us in Jasper. We miss Jacqui and Hazel and Ruth (they added to the greatness a few days ago) and I’ve been uploading photos to our shared cloud album like crazy to keep them in the loop. Here’s what we’ve been up to since I last checked in with them: our final days in this great national park.

Campground Fun

We’ve played two types of card games: Nicole whipping all our butts at the word game; severe wind forcing an early call on the Star Trek one.

I’ve learned quickly that a mom with three daughters can be damned competitive.

We worked on a Tiny House together, and Jess brought along a ukulele and learned several chords quickly. It helps that she and Nicole sing amazingly well.

And we’ve made a campfire every night for good, old-fashioned sitting-around-a-fire time. There’s nothing like debating fire-making techniques while jostling for the wood tongs and handing around the marshmallow sticks. Turns out Tracy and Jess like to slow-roast their marshmallows, Nicole likes hers with peanut butter cups, and I’m the only proponent of setting them on fire. Who’s with me?

Hiking and Talking and Talking and Hiking

Each morning, Jess and I have left the campsite at 7 am so I can take her on my favorite hikes here (she’s visited many times but not done these exact trails).

My problem is we’ve stayed up so late by the campfire that my brain is foggy the next day: the first morning, I took her on the wrong hike, but how wrong can you go in Jasper, really?

The second morning we hit it right with Maligne Canyon. This was the second time I’d done that hike, and the next day, Jess took Nicole on it. It’s that kind of hike.

Weather was good, no crowds until the end, and as long as Jess wears her weighed vest to increase her workout (seriously; she’s a fire captain), I can even keep up with her while we talk!

We didn’t see a single bear or even elk on the path, but our road sightings have been stellar, including this young buck, an early morning red fox, and a large coyote with a critter in its mouth. Maybe we would have seen more animals in the woods, but me having the rare chance to talk with a friend while hiking is a even better treat.

What Tracy’s Seen While Being Quiet

(totally worth the wait)

I miss you already, Jasper. But now we’re camping closer to Edmonton so we can hang out with the ladies a few days more, especially Jacqui who had to leave Jasper early. Bring on more in-person friendship!

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