Two Days in Edmonton

(Okay, that top shot looks like I’m showing off my new haircut, but it’s the only picture I took of downtown Edmonton and therefore subject-appropriate. Plus, new haircut!)

I drafted a post here about the two extra camping days we booked after Jasper, near Edmonton so I could see my friends there just a wee bit more. Who knows when I’ll see them again, especially Jacqui who was visiting from New Zealand?

In the draft, I emphasized all the wrong things. Too much complaining and describing unimportant stuff. (Haircut, really?) So here are some pictures with captions. Gives you a break from my long entries.

We got to share lunch with Jacqui at our campsite outside of Edmonton. Just forgot to take a picture!
Here she is in Jasper. She’s actually the queen of this blog (photoshopper, commenter, advice-giver, and more). She knows basically everything. Good-looking, too.
Jess met us downtown in Edmonton, before a trip to Canada’s REI and hanging in her backyard with family.
Canola fields through Alberta to Saskatchewan.
A cider mill in the middle of nowhere, open at lunch with plenty of parking. Perfect.
Food coma after Banjo ate a loaf of bread and a bag of pita pockets while we were at the cider mill.

Banjo is fine (just very full), and we made it to the next campground, with stuff from the big city: the remaining groceries, the new tire, a haircut, new camping gear—and great memories from the three Js: Jasper, Jess, and Jacqui.

4 thoughts to “Two Days in Edmonton”

  1. After that lovely description I think I’ll keep you on as a friend! 😄 Safe onwards travels XO

    1. I wrote more in the draft, but I swear that thing was a tome – wish I’d saved more about you, though. We didn’t get to spend much time together but my fondness and esteem for you grows and grows! Safe travels to you, too, my friend.