Music Studio Tiny House

I super enjoyed building this kit: it’s the same ratio as my favorite house kits but it’s a music studio, and I built it for my son, Finn. You can see how happy I am with it! Now it just has to not break on the road before I can hand it to him.

Singapore Light Studio?

As usual, whoever designed it isn’t all that up to date with the subject (do people have boom boxes, still?). Somewhere in the instructions I saw reference to an area of Singapore, so that’s where I’m setting this. And I do know how modern Singapore is.

So, this is someone’s idea of what would be a cool place to record music, is all. Frankly, I’d love to hang out here while a band records.

The sign says ”Hourly Light Studio,” but I’ve seen ”music” and ”light” used interchangeably in reference items for these kits, so I’m going with music studio. With all the skylights and windows and the lounge on the roof, I think it qualifies as someplace you’d go to soak up the light, too, though.


These are quite small, which I don’t need to say, but man were they difficult to create. Especially since, once again, this kit doesn’t provide photos of the finished areas, just blurry marketing shots on the box.

This instrument is a guzheng, and my nephew Dalton will know more about it when I ask him because I think he’s very much into playing one (among many instruments he plays). It’s an ancient Chinese instrument though, I know that.

It’s supposed to have seven strings, but I could manage only four, and I had to glue them down because the wire is too thin to trust on its own. I need to ask him if he has a recording of himself playing one so I can hear that each time I look at it.

I couldn’t figure out where the microphone goes, so the guqin player gets it!

What does a drum kit look like, again? I wasn’t sure where the drummer is supposed to be sitting, so how to orient the various parts. There’s a stool in the left corner by that plant, so I’m guessing the drummer pulls that stool out and looks towards the outside of the studio. Maybe the bassist plays in front of the drummer?

I love the old record player and the traditional stereo speakers with the mixing board, plus check out that teeny sheet music taped to the wall.


Okay, this is an awesome space even without my favorite Tiny House rooftop item (a pool).

I love how guests are expected to lounge between recording segments: listen to cuts on an iPad, maybe, or play a percussion instrument (I won’t guess which this is because I lost the bead that’s supposed to be the base and had to make that part up).


Making plants, especially flowers, I find tedious. Lucky for me, my friend Jess volunteered to make the flower box after she delivered this kit to me in Jasper.

She and Jacqui (same trip!) are both serious crafters and and sewers and doers of other careful-minded activities, so she put me to shame with her lovely flower box, as well as her brilliant idea to YouTube how to make flowers. How many have I stumbled through without thinking of looking that up?

My claim to fame with this one are the cacti. Each one is made from three pieces of paper, each piece folded and cut, then glued to the other two. I believe they are supposed to be armless segauro in bloom.

I’m quite proud of them!

These vines are a mystery: I believe they’re there to hide the lighting wires that run up the corner inside the studio. What’s weird is that the pot is inside, but the vines grow out of an upper window that has no glass. I didn’t realize that until after I’d built the frame, so I had to cut that plastic out.

I’m getting good at placing leaves in natural directions, though, so they look more lifelike. And don’t ask me why the tree to the right has no leaves; I’m just following instructions!


This little sign matches the one that looks like it’s supposed to be a California license plate on display on the rooftop lounge. It moves on the handle, and I like to imagine it clanging when you open the door.

I cut out individual pieces of sheet music and glued them on top of each other to make this clipboard. I love clipboards!

And the headphones: adorable. The iPad has an Apple logo on the back, in case you were wondering what that is. Tiny House designers love apple products.

I don’t have photos of it lit in the dark because the battery pack that came with the kit is broken. I took it apart to try to fix it, but master tiny electrician I am not. I’ve got another on order.

In the meantime, I have to ask Tracy sit in the dark bathroom and touch the wires to the battery from our fire detector while I take a photo. He’s such a good sport. Better lit photos to come!