Doug’s Tiny Pub

I mentioned with the last Tiny House post that, as we approached Madison, Wisconsin, I reached out to friends to see if anyone wanted a Tiny House. First, Patti said, “Yes, please!” so we picked one out and got all excited, and then Doug said, ”Yes, please,” and I hemmed and hawed.

The one he wants (which I totally want to make) was no longer in stock, and then I got really involved making in Patti’s Tiny Ocean House, so Doug and I agreed on a simple one, quick one, this little English pub.

It’s very cute, but there’s nothing simple about it. The instructions are just a black and white mimeographed set of sheets with vague directions and almost no illustrations, certainly no photos of the completed project. So I did a bunch of improvising.

The beer mugs are made of rubber tubes filled with yellow felt and fluffy cotton. I love them. The bar stools, not so much, as I had to take them apart and put them back together once I figured out what was expected (that metal ring you rest your feet on and trip over, inevitably).

I’m sad you can’t see the labels on the bottles in this ”wine rack,” because they’re all of real English beer.

And the newspapers and magazines are printed on each page with text and photos of football. All folded up so you can’t even read them with your felted beer!

Watch your aim with those darts. This is one small neighborhood pub.

I wasn’t able to change ”Green’s Bar” to ”Reed’s Bar” (Doug’s last name) as he and I had planned, but I did have an extra National Geographic magazine left over from Patti’s Ocean House, so I put that at Doug’s spot at the bar. Now he can eat his little yellow peanuts and mess around with all the colored straws and read a good magazine while he relaxes. Not the architectural wonder house he wished for, but not bad!

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    1. Wow, thanks! I did buy a second kit and am going to try to make it for Paul as a gift, and the process will be much easier this time.