Sectional Sofa Tiny House

Here’s a new reason for my latest tiny house to be my favorite: I was able to give it to the enthusiastic state park visitor’s center rep who helped me when we picked our campsite and planned our forays into Memphis.

Margaret was actually in the campground one morning (she had rented an RV and was camping that weekend to see what it’s like, and she apologizes for her appearance), and that’s where I described the tiny house to her. She said yes, she’d love it!

Then, back at her campsite, her five-year-old niece burst into tears when she saw it, so it’s been regifted. Margaret says her niece stares at it, mesmerized. I love when I connect these houses with the right home.

This Tiny House is like the very first one I made: it has an open floor plan so you can see all the details in the furniture and decorations. Plus, I like that the bathroom and child’s bedroom are bumped out from the back wall: it’s not just a box.

The weird part of the instructions for this one is that the lights were explained at the very end of the booklet, and I know now from dastardly experience that you cannot leave the lights until last. (If you do, you’ll have to rip out walls and re-glue wires, for sure.) So, I put the frame together and made all the light fixtures first, for a change, just to be sure they fit in okay.

I wasn’t happy with the tiny little paper lampshades in the living room and bedroom (so plain and small), so I covered them with light blue fabric I had from a previous tiny house. The living room shade really should be cylindrical, I think, but that’s getting pretty nit-picky!


Man, were these details hard to glue together, which is a downside to putting in the lighting first, since I had to work in the the back corner of the room with the ceiling already installed. Those hooks on the wall just would not stay lined up, and I don’t recognize some of the items the instructions had me hanging from them.

But the knife and fruit on the cutting board are cute, and the teapot is spot-on. Those are kind of fuzzy eggs in the frying pan, but that’s okay. I like my eggs runny. Close enough.

I think the kitchen table is set with cake (there are small plates under each one, but my eyes were big when I made the cakes themselves). Now that I look at it I wish I’d added tiny silverware I have left from a previous tiny house (I have a big bin of leftover stuff). Ah, well, let them eat cake with their fingers.

Living Room

I love the look of the staircase and thought from the marketing photos that the frame would include gauzy curtains in blue, lit from behind. Turns out to be just paper I pasted on, but it’s still an unusual touch.

I was excited to make this sectional sofa, but I screwed up and added fluff as cushioning to both the top cushions and the base ones, so it doesn’t fit together as tightly as I’d like.

Plus the throw pillows turned out huge, and I had to cut them down. Still, it looks pretty comfy.

I love that a smaller teapot is in the living room (a teapot for all rooms is my motto), and the art in place of a TV is pretty cool.

I wasn’t going to bother with the rose on the piano because they are very hard to make, and how trite! But it turned out to be a colorful focal point.


Cute cute cute.

From the colorful tile, to the flowers on the sink, to the bubbles in the bathtub.

Even the washcloth is cute. Cute!

And this is the first linen closest I’ve done, I believe. Kind of boring on its own, but I made that rattan basket and cut sections from all the interesting fabric and rolled them up. Grab your towel and hit the tub!

Child’s Bedroom

Another little cute room here.

I meant to make curtains for the windows, but I glued the desk in and then couldn’t fit the curtains behind the pens and pencils.

Tiny house designers sure do love Apple products.

Master Bedroom

There’s not much to this room (where would you put your clothes?), but there’s an ottoman with a cup of tea, so I’m okay with it.

What’s weirdest is the wallpaper behind the bed. It says, “Love is the moment [something something unintelligible because the font is tiny and whoever wrote it isn’t fluent in English].” Not what I’d like on my dream house bedroom wall, but maybe that’s just me.

Cloth Swatches

The best feature of this kit is the fabric.

There was just enough to make what was required or I would have made curtains for every window. So varied and lush.


No chandeliers this time, but enough lamps to make the house look interesting in the dark.

There are these two odd, tube-type wall sconces I’ve never made before.

I’ve already mentioned the lampshades I covered in blue.

And that little wall lamp in the bathroom was absurdly difficult to fit all together. Because I glued the lighting wires in first, the lower, bent metal piece had to be just the right length so the light would fit inside the plastic fixture. They all had to hang in place long enough for the glue to set, which took a bit of magic.

Obligatory Selfie

Here we go for size. As usual, the house is closer to the camera than my head so looks a bit bigger.

I enjoy doing this open floor-plan design, but I especially enjoyed giving it to someone who was surprised and delighted.

6 thoughts to “Sectional Sofa Tiny House”

  1. Oh my god Shelly, that floral bedspread! I want one. Also the whole house is so cute I’m not surprised the niece burst into tears. I remember Hazel bursting into tears because a stuffed animal was so cute and another time she cried because Baxter was so cute. She might have been a bit sick that day 🤔 Anyways, it’s a big and memorable thing when a kid does it and over something YOU made no less!

    1. I totally thought of you when I made that bedspread – you would be proud of how I cut it to show off the design. And it was difficult to cut because of the various textures in it. Yay you like it! I was pleased indeed when I heard that a little someone fell in love with it right away.