Four Years of GDTR

Today’s our four-year nomadiversary! Since the day we drove away from the house and never went back, we’ve stayed at more than 200 places and I’ve written almost 700 posts about them.

Here are a handful of posts that are memorable to me, but, truthfully, the new random button on the homepage comes up with posts I don’t remember writing, so they’re equally entertaining. 700 posts is a lot of writing in 4 years.

First Post from First Campsite

Covid was just starting to mess with the world as we were figuring out how to live in the trailer.

Silliest Day

The day Tracy and I competed at every sport in an RV resort in Florida. As both a participant and the only member of the press present, I have to admit that my reporting was conflicted.

Silliest Hour

Just one walk in Arkansas has had me chuckling to myself for years.


My first two days near Quartzite made quite the social impression.

Best Guest Post

Indigenous spiritualism texted to me by a teen makes for a better post than any I labored over.

Most Concise Campground Complaint

Still relevant, too.

Best Use of Lyrics

I’m always mangling song lyrics in my posts, but I think this analogy worked.

Best Summary of Americans

I wrote this one on my little phone while sitting on the beach, and it’s full of generalizations about this country. That’s the point, though.

Post that Went Viral

I had to pull this one from the lineup for a while to break the viral spread. It’s still my most clicked post. Viva tiny houses, I guess!

Thanks for coming along!

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