Long Travel Days to Bois Brule

We have been booking it lately, and, inexplicably, I feel like we’ve finally arrived. Maybe because this campsite feels like a destination we’d choose, a real camping spot, as opposed to somewhere to meet people or have an appointment or get from Point A to Point B. It took a while to get here, though.

We like to keep the driving down to four hours or less, but we’ve had two six-hour days in a row, and yesterday was a humdinger. Tracy had already planned the route, forgetting that I had an ever-so-exciting mammogram scheduled in Lansing before we left.

So, somehow, we got up at the crack of dawn, broke down camp north of Lansing, dumped tanks, found parking near the imaging building, and I ran in to have a mammo while Tracy waited in the truck. Finn even met us there to deliver our final Amazon package!

Then six hours of towing up Michigan, over the Big Mac Bridge to the UP, and to a casino parking lot for the night. We’ve stayed in lovelier spots in the UP, so we weren’t too bummed. Still. This is the best picture I got, and it’s not even of my favorite lake (Superior). I believe this is Lake Huron.

Next day, another six hours, with a long Walmart shopping trip in the middle, our final before we cross the Canadian border. We bought jumper cables and bungee cords and a water tank and every thing we could think of.

Finally, to this lovely state forest in northern Wisconsin, on the Brule River. Isn’t Bois Brule a pretty name?

We’re in the middle of red and white pines and white birch. The forest floor is downright spongy with pine tags, and there are mushrooms everywhere.

The Brule is coppery with spring melt.

And there’s still snow in small mounds by roadsides.

Wisconsin, baby! We’re camping now.

Edited to add: This is actually why we picked this camping spot; it was halfway between the homes of Tracy’s two uncles. They each drove an hour to visit, have brats, and catch up with us. What a pleasure!

It’s always fun to chat with fellow ladies, and it’s wild to see adults who look as alike as Tracy’s uncles and to hear them reminisce about growing up together. Also, HI KATHIE! Banjo is still enjoying her homemade treats and thinking fondly of you!

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