Flower Springs Lake

Lotsa photos! I’ve been stymied by broken eye glasses, a lost camera lens cap, and so many bear sightings that we have to keep Banjo close, but I’ve still managed to take too many pictures.

Prophet River Wayside Provincial Park

We’re still heading north up the Alaska Highway slowly, enjoying each stop. The provincial park Tracy was interested in near Fort Nelson, British Columbia, was closed due to recent fire activity, but he found an excellent alternative: a campground no longer run by BC Parks but accessible.

If you’re willing to deal with fallen trees over the dirt road and no one else around.

Oh, we’re willing.

Banjo and Bears

We didn’t hike far there partly because we are a little freaked out by so many bears up here.

The night before the abandoned park, a bear snuck behind our truck at our campsite, while we were standing right there!

I know most bears are trying to steer clear of you. Our problem is Banjo, who goes full-on crazy when she sees them, barking deeply and rushing at the bear so you can hardly hold her back.

The next day, we saw five bears in one day before noon, including a grizzly.

Stone Mountain Provincial Park

Right now we’re very close to Doug and Melanie, but as usual, we can’t make ourselves leave this spot to catch up with them!

We’re parked at Summit Campground at Stone Mountain Provincial Park, directly on Summit Lake.

As soon as we pulled in, we went for the hike we came here for, since the weather looked ominous and we wanted to be sure to be able to hike. Bummer that it was so grey (it snowed!) that all my photos are dark.

Tracy led the way through the dense forest after having come across this pile of skat on the trail.

Giant black bear? Grizzly? Sasquatch eating a lot of berries? I didn’t care; I just wanted to see it before it saw me. I was tempted to touch it to see if it was still warm, but I really didn’t want to know if the answer was yes.

We watched for bears until we came out onto the open on Alpine tundra, which is about two feet thick here. It’s gorgeously lush.

We walked up to another trailhead and headed toward the elusive Flower Lake.

Don’t let the little map we found fool you; “The Oasis” is miles away. I kept thinking the lake would be revealed after each climb.

And there is was. A little low and not so brilliant because of the clouds, but check out the mountain behind it.

What a Difference Sunshine Makes

This is what we woke up to the next day.

The sun lasted a few minutes, long enough for Banjo to work on her tan.

No bears in the campsite today.

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