We Haven’t Even Gotten to Alaska Yet

I wasn’t going to post yet again today, but good grief I can’t believe this place.

Just on the Roadside

This morning, we drove for less than two hours north from Stone Mountain Provincial Park, and still we saw a ton of large wildlife. It’s hard for me to take photos out the window, especially since we can’t always slow down, so this is a sample.

I didn’t realize that reindeer are domesticated caribou.

This moose was kneeling to drink water from the mud he was covered in. Nice.

Stone sheep look a little like mountain goats, and act like it, too. I swear this cliff face was sheer.

Muncho Lake

Doug and Melanie saved us a campsite right next to them.

As we were settling in, Doug spotted a pair of moose swimming across the lake (I caught just one).

This is how big the lake is! I took this shot in the same place as the moose shot, just wide angle.

And this is the lake’s color when the sun shines.

We’ve been here about four hours and I’m a little overwhelmed. I might have to put the camera down and just stare out.

10 thoughts to “We Haven’t Even Gotten to Alaska Yet”

  1. Wow this is gorgeous! The wildlife are amazing! You can never post too much 💚 thanks for sharing!

  2. So gorgeous, I’m incredibly jealous of you seeing all this stuff that I, a Canadian, have never seen! And I never even knew there was another kind of Bighorn sheep, they may not let me back in at Xmas.

    1. Jaqcui, you *live* in *New Zealand.* You do not get to be jealous. (We are very close to Edmonton, though!)

      1. The NZ scenery will never float my boat the way western Canadian scenery does! Plus you get used to where you live and it seems pretty ordinary most of the time. I try and step out of that and appreciate it when I can because I know tourist come a LONG way to see it but…🤷🏻‍♀️ You need to come visit so I can see it through fresh eyes!

        1. I can’t even imagine getting so used to your landscape that I’m not in awe of it. You know I want to visit so badly!