Things to Look Forward to in Brownsville

Today is our last day on the road for the winter, so I’m thinking positively about Brownsville, at the Tip o’ Texas. It’s where we spent last winter, and Tracy loves it there. I am going to learn to.

I was actually getting the hang of the place at about the end of the three months there last year, so I’m going to skip ahead through all the fretting and start right with the loving this year.

Sunset at the Campsite

Our campground isn’t the greatest; it’s actually not a campground but a kind of run-down mobile home park, and we’ll see what lot we can find this year that’s open for us and is okay.

But look at the sunset. Every evening as the sun goes down, a flock of parrots flies over on its way to roost in the park beside us. Not bad.

Dining on the Resaca

Right at the end of last winter we found a restaurant with seating right on a resaca (a channel of water) with good food, great prices (as everywhere has in Brownsville), and an excellent bartender.

Hello several lazy afternoons. Maybe one per week? I’m game.

Rockets on Boca Chica Beach

When the beach wasn’t closed due to SpaceX activity, we’d drive the half hour to Boca Chica and have a picnic on the beach with $1 tacos we’d picked up.

Maybe this year we’ll see a launch!

Beer on South Padre Island

Also near the end of our stay last year we found a beach bar on nearby South Padre that was deserted because right next door is famous Clayton’s Beach Bar, the Biggest Beach Bar in Texas, and everyone was there. We could still hear the guys playing guitar at that bar while we sat by ourselves at our bar, looking at the ocean and enjoying happy hour drafts.

Not bad.

Street Food in Nuevo Progresso

After several day trips to Mexico, we finally found where the folks working at the gringo stores get their lunch, and we’re for sure going back there. Again, $1 tacos that cannot be beat (mine look like all avacado because I took Tracy’s. His look like all pork.).

Heck, the food at the swap meet on the weekends in Brownsville is just as good. The pozole is spicy and bright with lime juice and cilantro and queso fresco on top.

So, basically it’s food and drink and warm air and sunsets and parrots and beach bars. That’s an excellent way to start this winter.

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    1. Hi Cindy – thanks, and thanks for reading! I hope your holiday with your grand babies is wonderful.