Good News on Schodack Island (& More Glen Shots)

I’ll get the good news out of the way and then talk about where we are.

The good news is that I do not have a brain tumor. I’m serious, I’ve been wracked with justifiable worry about this, ever since a month ago when my former endocrinologist told me she thought I had one.

Since then I’ve been trying to get an MRI, then trying to get it read, all while sure I had a mass on my pituitary gland. Well , yesterday I got the MRI results back and, indeed, I do not have a brain tumor. Believe me, though, I’m familiar with each and every effect such a tumor could be having on me and I’d convinced myself of a good hunk of them. Sill, I do have something going on, and we’ve canceled all our summer plans, so I better find out what. In the meantime, I promise to lay off the medical info in posts. I was just consumed to such a degree that I couldn’t see straight. (Of course, that’s a symptom!)

Back to the fun stuff. We’re at Schodack Island State Park, on a small island in the Hudson River just south of Albany, New York. It’s prime kayaking, but Tracy’s having some passing physical issues that keep him from getting on the water (his back), and I won’t commit to anything that keeps me from answering my phone until I get an appointment with an endocrinologist. (I’ve missed two return calls!). I have gotten myself on a list to be called if there’s a cancellation, so come Monday we’re headed back to Virginia so I can say yes to any last-minute appointment I’m offered.

I’ve been walking here, though, enjoying all the songbirds and the water views and the sheer feeling of isolation in wilderness, just 25 minutes out from Albany. The trees are old hardwoods, and the air is filled with the down from cottonwoods. It’s glorious.

In true terrible blogger fashion, I have few photos of here, mostly because we’ve been busy going in to Albany to get a new iPad (which I changed my mind about), doing laundry, and visiting with my friend, Matt, and his kind son, Duncan. No photos; lots of getting good stuff done.

I did download my camera’s photos from Watkins Glen, though, and here be a few.

Truthfully, I just wanted to get a post out before my weekly email goes, since all this week’s posts have sounded insane.

Rest assured, as you read them, that I may have something weird going on with me medically, but I can now say it’s not a brain tumor!

I kind of feel like getting that on a bumper sticker.

8 thoughts to “Good News on Schodack Island (& More Glen Shots)”

  1. Share as much medical info as you want. This is obviously a big thing you’re dealing with and you shouldn’t hold back on our account. Glad to hear it’s not a tumor, at least! (And now I have that scene of Ah-nold in “Kindergarten Cop” stuck in my head…)

    1. I don’t know that scene (Tracy is frequently amazed at my lack of pop culture knowledge) but I’ll look it up!

  2. My thoughts are with you on this health journey. God Bless you And don’t hold back on sharing the medical trek you are on. It helps to get it out, talk about it