Stormy Inside and Out at Watkins Glen

First, I apologize to any subscribers who got notifications about recent posts that turned out not to be there. I wrote the posts, then thought better about making them public and took them down. More on that at the end here.

My excuse is I’ve been waiting for MRI results this long holiday weekend, and I’ve been playing phone tag with the doctor’s office that I need to get into, with no results and no appointment yet. It’s made me worse than distracted while we’ve been here at Watkins Glen State Park.

Tracy’s been humoring me by hitting up breweries in this gorgeous Finger Lakes region.

But even that got to be too much for my anxious brain.

Problem is our neighbors in the campground are literally the worst neighbors we’ve ever had. So I haven’t wanted to be at the campsite, and I haven’t wanted to be away.

And, we’ve had some serious thunderstorms, such that there was a landslide in the gorge that stranded a few hikers and closed the trail.

Throw in no Starlink here so no WiFi, and heck, no computer because mine died, and it’s been a topsy turvy time.

I did have a couple of glorious hours in a field all by myself in the sunshine.

The deal with the posts I took down (and then put back up) is that I’m experimenting with ways to make certain posts—that are super personal, medical posts, frankly—viewable only if you really you want to read them. Otherwise, they won’t show up on my site or my feed. That’s the plan, at least. Like lots of things right now, I’m working on it.

9 thoughts to “Stormy Inside and Out at Watkins Glen”

  1. Sorry to hear circumstances are ruining your stay in that beautiful area. Bad neighbors are awful the world over but in your close quarters, I imagine it’s miserable. And if craft breweries can’t cheer you up? It must be bad.
    Hope things take a turn for the better soon. Even Banjo looks depressed … and we can’t have that.

  2. My ex and I went camping in a yurt in Oregon one time when our son was a year old. As nice as the accommodations were, we had the worst neighbors ever. They were rowdy and drunk all night, and the next morning, we discovered they’d thrown one of their camp chairs into our fire. WTF! It’s sad when people ruin an otherwise great time.

    1. Drunk neighbors when you have a baby who needs sleep – that would have driven me bonkers. But three cheers to a yurt in Oregon!

    1. Most excellent! Maybe I’ll get a do-over in the Finger Lakes. It really is a gorgeous and historically significant region.

  3. I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I, personally, struggle to ask for what I need, and this week has been particularly difficult for me due to grief and other issues, as well as sheer stupidity. I’m telling you this not to diminish what you’re going through, but to let you know that I see you.

    I follow you on Feedly, but I’m guessing it’s not the same. I’ll look for the subscription button. A lot of the blogs I subscribe to end up in my spam folder, which is annoying.

    I’m glad you got those couple hours in the field. 💕

    1. I had a new idea since you read this – maybe instead of messing with the code for subscriptions, I just make certain posts password-protected with an easy word I tell readers elsewhere. I’ll have to test this.
      I’m so sorry about this time for you. Grief seems to be able to muck up a lot of things. I hope this is a short period of mucking.

      1. That’s actually a great idea. I subscribed, but it went into my spam folder. But I found it, so hopefully your future posts will go directly to my inbox.

        Thank you. I hope so, too. ❤️