Three-story Tiny House Finished

I think the only parts I had left to finish since my last two posts about this house were the landscaping and the lights, and now I’m done! I’ll post those photos here, then all the highlights on the tiny house page.

So yeah, the lights work!

I’m especially pleased that they do with this one, because it’s so big, but it came with the standard-length wires, so I had to use saved wires from my last tiny houses to make extension cords.

I bungled the spot where they are all hidden behind the staircase; that little door should close all the way, but my extension cords are too long to fit in there, plus I can’t find the final piece of wood with the right corners cut out to fit the wires in at the corner. Rats!

The lit rooms and landscaping look good, though.

I especially like this tree I made with thick wire and teeny red dust. I do wish I could get better day light pictures, but the sun light is freaking harsh in the desert. I may take it out of its box one last time for photos one evening.

The bedrooms and upstairs dining area look extra cozy under lights.

The marketing photos have a couple of round dolls standing on the landing by the tree, but they’re sold separately, I I don’t think their scale is right so I skipped them. I did make them a pair of slippers so they could walk among the garden and then into the house with clean feet.

Alright! Tracy says this one looks the most impressive, but I have to admit it went quickly because none of the furniture is upholstered. That’s what takes the longest, plus chandeliers, and there’s none here of those, as well. It’s pretty, but not as challenging to make. Again, check out the Tiny House page here to see them all, if you’re interested.

Next up: I’m going smaller! As soon as I can get to the Amazon locker near Joshua Tree, I’ll pick up one that’s a tiny house in a round glass ornament that hangs, and one that’s inside a tall bell jar. I have no idea what they’ll be like to create, but they’ll take up less space than this type.

This one I have to find a home for, as well. If anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to ship it to you.

One thought to “Three-story Tiny House Finished”

  1. You’re getting so good at these! I always think of you when I come across other people who do teeny tiny stuff. Doing my Santa ornaments has revealed my disturbingly shaky hands so I admire it all the more!