Three-story Tiny House Almost Finished

This one is going too quickly!

I still have to finish the landscaping and the wiring, but I’m getting close, and I don’t know when I’ll finish and also be able to post again, so here goes an update.

Third-floor Living Area

I meant to photograph this before I put the roof on so I could get decent shots, but I forgot! So here’s my iPhone lens pointed through the windows.

It’s a sparse little bedroom and study, so maybe for a live-in guest student?

I meant to make pillows for the bed (why are there none in the plans?) but couldn’t get them in once I’d glued on the roof.

I also am disappointed with the curtains. The plans indicated I should have sewn them, but I thought I could take a short cut. They’re messy as is, but I learned my lesson.

Game Gazebo

How cute is this?

Too bad I had to rip it from the foundation after I’d built it in order to get the lantern wiring to run under the house. I got it back in place without discernible damage, though.

The seats I made by winding rope—it was a mistake, I think, to glue the image of rattan on top because the rope is interesting as is. I didn’t do so for the similar seats at the sauna, below.


Oh my, making the vines and gluing on the leaves and flowers was actually a delight. I made sure the leaves were all facing the same way (more or less) for a natural effect.

The water I made with a small amount of cotton and a clear plastic cover. I wish the paper shell inside were slightly blue or green. (Ignore that bit of sand on top of the water; we have sand everywhere here in the desert.)


Here’s where I have much left to do. There will be a giant tree made from wire near the coy pond, plus plants around the entrance gate and more lanterns.

I don’t want to be finished with this one, but I’m curious to see if the lights work in the end! Stay tuned.