Matt’s Towel Tiny House

I think of this tiny house as the one with my friend Matt’s towel draped over the lounge chair by the pool. He mentioned online that the pool area looked comfy, so I figured if he were to imagine himself there, I might as well give him a towel. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to get his book wet.

I’m making a big deal out of the towel because this is the house kit that’s missing a bunch of parts, so I’m winging it using pieces left over from previous tiny houses. The fact that I could scrounge enough material for a towel (and one that matches the chair) is a miracle.

I’m getting along better than expected though—in fact, I think the kitchen is very cute. I didn’t glue on the cutting board and spatula hanging from the wall because I want them to slide around naturally; hopefully I won’t lose them. And that white wire at the rim of the soup pot is the last I had (all wire in the kitchen should be white) and it barely fits around the rim. Better hope that soup doesn’t boil over.

I’ve added the second floor, which so far means a staircase, a wee little study, and a bathroom (missing the toilet because I can’t create that out of my leftover materials).

I get really excited to see if the wiring is working before I even finish installing all the lights, so this time I just wired everything in that I had so far. Voila!

The chandelier over the living area by the pool is substandard design, in my opinion, compared to those scrumptious chandeliers I made for the Pink Sofa Tiny House.

But the lit pool makes up for that. Right now the underwater light isn’t dispersed (there’s supposed to be a lifeguard ring over it, but that’s missing); I’ll think of something to float on the pool instead. I wish I had the smallest of rubber duckies.

Hey, maybe I’ll make a tiny tray with a cocktail glass on it and float that over the light. Matt, what would you like to drink while you sit in the pool?

5 thoughts to “Matt’s Towel Tiny House”

  1. So cute! gotta laugh over the fact that you LIVE in a tiny house, where space and “stuff” is minimal, but have materials around you can spare for this one! Let us know what you’re doing with them. There was an idea to auction them? Has some favorite charity benefited from your handiwork?
    And Happy New Year, to you, Tracy, and Banjo!

    1. Happy New Year to you and Dave! Yeah, thankfully the pieces are so small I can keep them in a freezer-sized ziplock bag. And I’ve been giving three houses away – the magic one went to someone here at the LTVA; I shipped the globe one to a friend, and a stranger took the three-story one from the free table here at the LTVA. I don’t have access to do anything with them but hope I can find someone who wants them for free.