Facing Our Big Fear

I never know how to talk about Covid without sounding like a bore. So I’ll cut to the chase: we’re both sick.

Not sick like in the hospital, but sick like in bed for days. Heck, we’re still in bed. It took a Herculean effort to just get here, though.

Sick Travel Day

Having to do all the work of a travel day while sick has been our biggest fear since we hit the road, but we had to do it. Or, I should say, Tracy insisted he could, so I went with it.

It took constant communication between us and lots and lots of stops for rest, but we traveled all the way from Lynchburg to Richmond. (Don’t look up how far that is unless you want a chuckle.)

Our sick travel day wasn’t over, though, even after we’d backed into our new campsite and cleared off the sofa and the bed and lay on them like rag dolls. We needed meds and groceries, and you can’t get stuff delivered where we are in a state park, so back out again. Wearing masks. Trying to guess the low clearance of the CVS drive-through window (kayaks). Forgetting to get basics like tissues.

Done, though.

I did feel good enough yesterday to set up camp outside, but then I came in and left it all sitting there. Banjo is not sympathetic.

Sick in a Small Space

Tracy’s got the bed, I’ve got the sofa. We take turns with the comforter, depending on whose fever is worse. Mostly that’s Tracy. We take turns walking Banjo. That was me yesterday, Tracy today. Or so he says; I might veto him. This is his first time with Covid, and it’s kicking his butt.

Schedule Havoc

Richmond is where we are, and Richmond is my hometown. Which means we’re missing seeing all the Richmond people.

So, I took on another zombie task this morning: I walked out to the dumpsters where I get better cell signal and I cancelled two reservations and made a new one. The result: we’re gonna come back to Richmond in a couple of weeks. Whew! But we’ll miss seeing people in a future place. I’ll tackle that when we get to it. Or miss it. Something.

8 thoughts to “Facing Our Big Fear”

  1. Just being sick at home is bad enough. I can’t imagine having to travel long distances like that while suffering from Covid! Hope you both recover quickly and are able to enjoy your return trip to Richmond much more.

    1. Just today we’re feeling better. Maybe I needed to complain about it first, ha! Thanks for the kind wishes.

  2. Not sure why this post didn’t show up on my feed… but ugh. I’m sorry the plague reared it’s snotty head. Though I’ve never had Covid, I’m a big baby when I don’t feel well and am in awe of your stamina. Living on the road can’t be easy when you’re both sick. Fingers crossed it passes quickly.

    1. I tested negative today, HURRAY! Tracy is back in bed sleeping, but he was up for a while. This has been rough, for sure.