Visiting Pretty Things

My frequency of posting got derailed by several busy days visiting with my friend, Heather, in Lynchburg, Virginia, and then getting sick. Until I can do a better job blogging, here are shots of Heather’s house. Which, you might be thinking, bor-ring, but believe me, nothing about this place is.

It’s an historic home, with high ceilings, plank floors, arched doorways, yadda yadda, all the grandeur of the south. What puts this over the top is the fact that Heather is an interior designer. No dabbler, not a hobbiest, but the real deal.

Now, I had no intention of walking around her house, taking pictures and notes. But, my goodness, I would be walking from one room to another just to get ice for my knee, and the light coming through the curtains onto the hardwood floors would be hard to resist.

So, these shots are not staged (there’s a gorgeous table under that tablecloth, for example), and they don’t do the house justice at all.

My impressions were colored more by a feeling of comfort amid astoundingly lovely things, of my friends’ lives being led in a house where many families had come and gone before them, where the furniture and decor pay them all homage.

At first I started taking photos of little things I love, like the variety of throw pillows that match their chairs just enough so they pop but don’t dominate. Then it was the chairs themselves.

My goodness, the curtains. I think the ceilings are 12 feet tall, so the curtains are best appreciated at their flowing length. Still: lush.

Small things, not clutter, not decorations, just catching your eye if you happen to look.

Tracy and I had just walked in the house after coming back from a family party near Charlottesville, and we were letting Banjo get the wiggles out before we put her back in the truck so we could enjoy dinner with Heather and her husband.

I opened the door onto this screened-in porch and thought, I want to sit here, in the sun, with pollen and crickets and I don’t care what. This is a place for drowsing. I must be here.

And the view out back. It’s very early spring, but you can see the historic foundations of the garden with its multiple fountains and benches and small spots to sit and watch the goldfinches go spring crazy. I did doze out here all one afternoon by myself, with the flickers knocking on the hardwoods above.

For pro photos and descriptions of the house, garden, and decor, a feature article in Central Virginia Home magazine does an okay job.

It doesn’t describe what it’s like to be a guest, though, where a tea set has been laid out in the guest kitchenette just for you.

11 thoughts to “Visiting Pretty Things”

  1. Oh my! I’m in LOVE with the little pops of colour around the place, especially the pink. On one hand I would give my eye teeth to live in a historic house like that and be part of the history of it and look after it but on the other hand that’s a lot of responsibility. My brother lives in a huge old 1760s house in Massachusetts and the work and $$$ they’ve put into it is incredible, and most of it’s not even fun stuff it’s electrical and plumbing and heating. But on the other hand it has a presence and character that my 1959 house with its blank canvas yard doesn’t. Yet 😉 So big respect for all the work that’s gone into the house and garden, amazing results!

    1. This house isn’t nearly as old as your brother’s, but it’s so well designed and built that it seems to be. And yes, the colors! I thought you might like this. 💕

  2. Loved the photos Shelly, hope you’re both feeling better. I have a question, did you get any inspiration for your tiny houses whilst relaxing in all that beauty?? Being in the part of California we’re in is green but the Green of the East Coast is like no other. To Heather and Family thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous portion of this amazing Planet! 🌎❤️

    1. I am better, thank you! Tracy is still super sick. He’s sleeping though, at least there’s that.

      I threw out my bin of tiny house extra supplies! So now when I make one all I have to work with is what comes in the package. One day when I’m in an old lady home I’ll have a craft room and I’ll make a tiny house and garden just like Heather’s.

      Spring is gorgeous here! More photos coming.

  3. Glad you are feeling better, we hope Tracy will get better soon.

    Thanks for sharing your friend’s house, it is amazing what she has done with it.