The Continuing Adventures of Bohawg and Raindrop

“Hey Heather!”

“Hey Shelly!”

“Wanna write a blog post with me?”

“Sure, sounds fun. What should we write about?”

“How about all the things we did together when I visited you last week in Lynchburg.”

“Okay. Which ones?”

“Well, how about, right when I got there, you took me shopping for clothes. Like, that’s how bad I needed them, that we didn’t even make it to your house before we hit TJ Maxx.”

“Yeah, true. But, you got some cute clothes. And who doesn’t want to spend time with an old friend in a dressing room telling her she really needs a new bra?”

“Maybe we don’t write about that, specifically. How about the way you got overly ambitious hemming and ironing new clothes for me and ended up ironing a hole in Tracy’s pants? The night before he was going to a family party at a church?”

“Yeah, not that one. The Great Pants Debacle. Aka Pantsgate. That turned out much less disastrous than it could have. So glad Tracy had a second pair.”

“Okay, how about that great dinner you and George had us over for? The one where we said way too much about our crazy first year at college together?”

“Well. The less said about that, the better. Dinner was good, though!”

“Okay, here’s one. How about the fact that, amid all that running around, we got to watch the eclipse together.”

“Honey, you went on and on about the last eclipse you saw, but we barely saw this one because of the clouds. We just stood in my yard taking pictures of ourselves.”

“Okay. How about the fact that we did all this stuff together, and I stayed in your house for days, and then it turns out I was getting sick!”

”Well, amazing enough, I didn’t get it and George didn’t get it, so no harm done there. I’m glad you visited.”

P.S. from Shelly: I wrote this silly conversation, but all the stories are true. They’re just a few in the long list of the adventures of Bohawg and Raindrop.

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