Knitting and Waiting

There is so much up in the air in my world that I can barely stay focused. At the same time, I’m bored off my rocker sitting around waiting for stuff to unfold. What the heck?

Seriously, there’s the knee, plus all the other medical stuff we have scheduled before we hit the road again (eyes, skin, hormones, teeth).

The knee might trump every other body part if the worst case happens: if I need surgery and this orthopedic office staff does one more thing to prove their incompetence, then I’m considering going to Houston for it.

Why don’t I just do that now? Well,

  1. we’ve paid for our RV spot here, a lot.
  2. Finn is coming to visit for the rest of our time here, with all reservations made.
  3. Campgrounds near my doctor’s office in Houston suck, as in, no cell service, oddly.

So that’s all up in the air.

There’s also the appointment with the Airstream service center in Ohio in late February. Yes, we have to go to Ohio in February. In our trailer. We’ve never even winterized the trailer before (making sure the pipes don’t freeze, for example).

We also don’t know how long this repair is going to take, but it could be several weeks, and it could mean taking everything we own out and keeping it in storage. How exactly do we do that when our truck is to capacity as is? And, where will we live until the Airstream is fixed?

That’s up in the air, too.

So, I’ve thought and researched and come up with something to do with my hands and brain while all these spinning plates orbit above my head. I’m going to knit a sweater. And I’m convinced this project is going to get me through.

Now, I’m a beginner knitter; I’ve tried a sweater before but admitted defeat. This time will be different.

With oversight from knitting friends (thanks Leslie and Jess!) I picked out a pattern for beginners and really good wool I had shipped from England.

The sweater I’m planning on knitting.

This sweater is going to be bright and bold. It’s going to signify my determination and sunny outlook. Okay, that last one is a stretch but I am trying here.

The wool is what’s called self-striping, which means it’s been dyed with colors one after the other so as you knit you reveal them like stripes. And I’ve chosen colors of the one thing all these photos have in common: the sunset here at this RV park, which is the best part of being here.

Yesterday I knitted a swatch and determined gauge, and today I start. I am ludicrously excited. Oh, I have my MRI today, too. Wish me luck all around.

14 thoughts to “Knitting and Waiting”

  1. The logistics of living in an RV sound quite daunting to me. I stress over moving the furniture to have new floors laid and here you are planning to vacate your home with everything you own in Feb. Yikes.
    My fingers and toes are crossed for good news on your MRI. You’ve certainly waited long enough for it.
    That sweater is lovely and the sunset colors are a great idea.

    1. I constantly struggle with the pros and cons of living this way, believe me. My husband shoulders almost all the work though, and he’s 100% for it, so here we go!

  2. Best of luck – with both, but especially the MRI! Keeping fingers crossed surgery isn’t necessary, or if it is, it’s arthroscopic, and hence an easier/quicker recovery. When Finn gets there I’m sure he will help improve your outlook too.

  3. Good luck with the MRI! Great picture of Banjo and Tracy. Banjo look’s content and Tracy appears to be bored. We pick up the KK on the first week of January and will be hitting the road again. We are escaping Ohio just before you return to it. Miss you guys!


    1. It’s bizarre that we’re crossing paths yet again and not seeing each other. I know you must be so so excited to get on the road. Melanie gave me your itinerary – looks perfect!

  4. Love the sweater, the photos and the blog in general…sorry about the knee. You’d wait longer than 2wks for an MRI in the UK (but it would be free) – hope it reveals something useful. Seems a tad unfair to describe your medics as “incompetent” – they haven’t had a chance to do anything yet (and rest is never bad advice)

    1. Thanks, and welcome!

      I must’ve left out details of my complaint about the staff. 1. Spelled my name wrong twice, which is crucial for insurance. 2. Said they needed to make the MRI appointment for me but then didn’t. 3. Said my insurance required pre authorization, when it doesn’t (I had my insurance call them to say so). 4. Said again that it did as an excuse for the delay. 5. Scheduled the MRI ffor the day before my doctor goes on leave for a week.

      Yuck, sorry for that being a rantI! I’m still mad about it. Other parts of my blog are actually cheerful.

      1. That’s shabby, the admin is so annoying. Have twice turned up at our local hospital myself for a blood test, only to be told they can’t do it “because the doctor hasn’t sent in a form” (even though I’ve had the same tests many times before). It’s always the admin that lets them down. Hope you get sorted soon – but rest should help a lot

    2. I was able to get the appointment changed to the next day, so I know the delay was my doctor’s staff. Again, sorry to go on and on defensively about this! You can see why I didn’t include it in the post as I’m quite upset. (There’s more but this is enough. )

  5. If I had a nickel for every time Tara corrected me for using the word “knitting” when I should have said “crocheting,” I’d be one rich dude. All I know is, they both involve yarn.

    It’s been such a warm winter in the Midwest, you might need to run the A/C on your February visit to Ohio!

    1. I mix up which friends knit and which crochet, so you’re not alone in that world. And man do I hope this winter will be mild up there, for purely selfish reasons. Bah humbug global warming.