Fluid Travel Plans

We haven’t moved yet and already we’ve changed travel plans several times. I hear from folks on the road that you have to find your own comfortable balance between set reservations and winging it, so we’re busy working on that from a stationary point. 🙂

Destination: Ohio

Seriously, what’s got us flipping around our most-recent plan is that the Airstream service center in Ohio offered us an appointment in early June—that’s when we can get all the little under-warrantee items looked at and the one big one: the fact that our door is off-kilter and won’t close without several huge slams. Seeing as how that’s our only door and could simply cease to close at all if this gets worse, we took their appointment.

So now we have to figure out how to get to Ohio, with a few impediments:

  1. Memorial Day is between now and then, and all the campgrounds we’ve researched on our way to Ohio are booked for that weekend. This we hear a lot: even though our life is now a perpetual holiday (I’m rubbing it in here), we can’t forget government holidays when campgrounds will be packed.
  2. Stay-at-home orders are in place in several states on our way there, with the status of each state changing every few weeks.

First, Back to MD

Our solution is to head back to Maryland to a state forest camping area that we’ve stayed in twice in the Frolic (it’s the spot of all those photos I post whenever I mention the Frolic).

It’s Savage River State Forest, and it’s so secluded that we’re confident we’ll be able to find a spot along the river.

Note that we won’t have cell service much less internet access there, so after May 27 if you don’t hear from me for a while—no worries—we’re enjoying a much-needed break from neighbors and dumpsters and golf carts.

Ironically we will have been “on the road” for a little more than two months by then, and because of this backtrack will have hit only one state. It’s the safest route though, and seeing as how state park campgrounds won’t be open in West Virginia by then, it’s basically our only route.

Dropping Our Home Off

As June approaches, we’ll hit a state park in Ohio (the same park I described in that previous travel plans post). There should be kayaking there, plus we’ll have electric hook-ups and water again.

Next we’ll head north to the Airstream service center where we’ll park at their campground the night before our appointment. That next morning they’ll hook up our Firefly to a tractor, tow her to a service bay, and we’ll drive off with Banjo to spend the day doing whatever we can find to do (safely).

After everything’s fixed (knock on wood), the Midwest is our oyster.

2 thoughts to “Fluid Travel Plans”

  1. Nice-Hey- good friends live on a beautiful ranch out in Moab Utah. Any interest?

    1. Oh yeah, thank you for that offer. But not this year. We’re staying in the midwest this summer. But we might be out that way next year, though much too early to tell. As Shelly says, our plans are fluid and generally will be vague until we actually show up somewhere.