A Couple-hour Vacation

Here’s how I enjoyed this campground the most: by packing as if for the beach and driving through the campground—a full five minutes—to a pull-off by the lake, then setting up for just a few hours.  Like a mini vacation inside a vacation. 

I floated in slow circles on the blue water and watched a bald eagle above me for enough time to wipe the sound of our neighbor’s generator clean away. 

(Also, I’m pointing to my Keep ‘Er Movin’ beer, the last of my stash!)

Today we leave this boondocking-type pull-off in the woods to go find another like it for a week. The week after we hit our final reservations in Michigan’s UP, so we just need to find a place to stay in the meantime, and it might not be easy.  That’s why we’re aiming for small campgrounds in the woods without hookups, hopefully off most people’s radar.

Our plan today is to drive out early to a dumpstation where we’ll empty waste tanks and refill with water. We have three small campgrounds on the destination map: we’ll hit them one by one until we find a decent campsite. 

Then it’ll probably be another week off the grid, but I’m hoping with more than one bar of AT&T this time. Although, I did drop my phone and crack the screen, and we won’t be near a repair place for weeks, so maybe a little more “vacation” is in order. 

4 thoughts to “A Couple-hour Vacation”

  1. Shelly all is well here at Small Country in VA. Really glad you are making your dreams come true. Enjoy and keep blogging. Thanks, Bob