Okay, We’ve Had Enough

Not of living on the road! We’ve had enough of this living-in-a-house business.

We’ve been in this AirBnB for three days.

The washer was replaced, so I did all our laundry.

The TV is a treat, but all that’s on is the same terrible stuff we used to not watch. We resorted to scrolling through the cable music channels, rolling our collective eyes at what’s considered “classic.” Enough.

I have indeed showered each day, but the result is that now I know how much I need a haircut. I was happier before I knew that. Plus now my skin is dry from all that washing!

House Life Is Boring

There aren’t any challenges. We don’t have to do anything to keep our home alive with power, with water. There are no gauges to check. Nothing to monitor. You just sit in it. It’s not alive.

At night there’s no routine of setting up the outside living room with lights and our speaker and a card game. There’s no owl to listen to, no camping neighbors to complain about.

It’s just us sitting in a house with lame cable TV and no goals. No routine, Nothing to figure out. No itinerary, no route. Nothing new. No life to it.

We’re Restless Already

We keep riding our bikes by the solar shop, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Airstream in the bay, maybe get a status update.

We even drove to our next scheduled campground to scope out the exact campsite. Looks darn inviting, with a small river directly behind our site number, and perhaps slightly laxer rules about dog walking.

In All Seriousness

I have enjoyed being in this house, with hot water especially. But being here has triggered a realization that I’m used to living in the trailer; that’s my home. With all the plumbing and electrical systems I still screw up, with the wobbly floor in the middle of the night, with the tight spaces that make me have to search for everything, with Navy-style showers and dishes that seem never fully clean, I’m nevertheless more comfortable there than here in this house.

My home is an alive place, a place that moves and needs care. I love that.

But, oh, HOT WATER, baby!

3 thoughts to “Okay, We’ve Had Enough”

  1. Great post! I’d wondered if there’d be a point you would tire of the nomadic existence, and here’s the answer! And you’ll love it even more when you’re back in the Airstream!