Rhymes with Phenomenon

We finally entered the UP of Michigan via the exciting route (last year we came up through Wisconsin, which is beautiful but not as dramatic), crossing the Mackinac Bridge that spans Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Our campsite is at the Tahquamenon Falls State Park, this time in the rustic campground (no hook-ups and no generators allowed) and, before we could finish unpacking and having lunch …

we had booked a third night in our spot.

You can see why. This is what our campsite looks like from the road,

and this is the view from the campsite: the Tahquamenon River flows right in front of us, into Lake Superior.

Now that we have our solar/lithium battery system, as long as we can get the Airstream into the camping spot (not a guarantee with these spots designed for tents), we can park in “rustic” campgrounds where families with huge outdoor TVs and multiple children and yapping dogs fear to tread. This state park has multiple campgrounds each with several loops, but ours runs along this river and is perfect. I saw a river otter last evening, and this morning on Banjo and my walk I saw a Bald Eagle. That always thrills me!

The Falls

The park’s highlight is a series of waterfalls, which we woke up early to avoid the crowds to hike to.

They’re dramatic and all, but we both enjoyed Bond Falls because that river seems to flow over more drops in more complicated ways. I think I’ll leave a bad review for the park on Yelp, saying, “The falls are too simple. This architect needs to up his game.” I’ll add, “Too many roots along the paths. Park rangers should cut down more trees. What are we paying them for, anyway?”

The boardwalk along the two sets of falls send you through the dense cedars and pines, and we got to enjoy it mostly alone.

These are steps down to view the falls. I approve of this architect. 😉

We also stepped off the boardwalk for a short, very quiet hike.

The woods were filled with Hemlock trees and singing Cedar Waxwings and American Red Starts.

We saw only one person on the trail, and when we passed, he whispered, “Good morning.” Tracy and I both agreed everything is much more enjoyable to view when we’re alone. We even held hands. Seriously!

We’d left Banjo back at the trailer thinking there would be tons of dogs there, so we got to enjoy the path without her always trying to trot in front and tangle us up. It felt like date night, except that it was 7 am and in the woods. That’s date night for us now, and we’ll take it.

Uke Segment!

I cut my finger a while back and am just now getting back into playing. I’m so excited; I learned this song today! Clearly its rough, but still. I’m happy to be playing again even in my own weird way.

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    1. You should. But there there are lots of beautiful places you’d like to see for the first time, right?