Tiny Tea House

Although there’s no swimming pool and no slippers by a plush bed, this is my favorite little house so far. Yes, I always say that! But look how inviting it is.

First Floor

Downstairs offers two lounge areas for you and a friend, plus a small washroom.

Or you can sit on a rattan chair admiring the plants while waiting for your date.

The chandelier above the sofa reminds me of those 1970s wall hangings made from paper dollar plants.

And check out the scrolls on top of the bookshelf by the sofa: those are music scores. Just in case that’s what I want to peruse while I’m drinking my tea, of course.


Here’s where the brewing and choosing and purchasing go down. And record playing! Choose from several on the shelf above the player.

If you’re a regular, your mug will be waiting for you. Oh, want a slice of lemon cake with your espresso?


This was a feat in gluing magic. There is no support to the staircase other than each step being slightly glued to the one above and the one below it, then the top one being glued to the ceiling and the bottom one to the floor. A slight twist while setting it up, and it would have looked impossible to climb.

I’ve found you can make mistakes to an exact level, and then the illusion is broken. Don’t look too closely with this one.

The bannister came from one flat sheet of thin rubber bits that I carefully extracted and then glued together. (One of the balusters was sacrificed as the turntable needle.) They too had to go up all at the same time, somehow, with the railing supporting the balusters and the balusters supporting the railing.

As happens quite a lot, I have no idea how I pulled this off: I struggled for several minutes and cursed under my breath, then stood back and adjusted a little, and voila. I think confidence now plays a big role.


Yep, that record player is resting improperly. Magic! I think the spider plant in fake macrame makes up for it, though.

And how about the flowering vines along the handrails? I always dread those kinds of details but am so pleased once they’re done.

My favorite part of this one is the string lights behind the main sign and behind the magazine/record shelf. Whoever designs these is brilliant. And possibly has never played a record on a turntable before.

But that’s a lot like designers of campgrounds who clearly have never driven RVs before. There are always surprises.